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A Miscellany 428
The Gospel Truth About The Gospel

by: JT

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Dr. Paul W. Sharkey, who has contributed numerous articles to this web site released his new book in electronic format this week.

I've read it in the pre-release form and found it clearly written and informative, providing a fresh perspective on the Bible. It is well worth reading. I recommend it.

It is currently available on Smashwords in various e-book formats.

The Gospel According to Paul, The Apathetic Agnostic: The Gospel Truth About The Gospel by Paul W Sharkey

What is the gospel truth about the Gospel? Jesus may have called Peter "the rock" upon which he would build his church but it was Paul of Tarsus who first proclaimed the Gospel of Jesus as Christ and Savior, the corner stone of Christianity. It is Paul's account of Jesus' redeeming sacrifice that lies at the very foundation and reason-for-being of Christian faith. But what if he got it wrong? What if his understanding of the story of Jesus is based upon a fundamental misunderstanding of the problem for which he believed Jesus was the answer? And what if, because of that, Paul's answer created more problems that it solved? Who was Paul? What did he believe about Jesus and why? What have been the consequences of his error? The Gospel According to Paul, The Apathetic Agnostic, explores these questions and provides an understanding of the moral to the Gospel Story of Jesus that is a gospel truth because it is a logically necessary one. It is also one that preserves the central message of Jesus' redeeming truth as applicable to non-believers and believers alike, irrespective of any other beliefs they may or may not hold.

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