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A Miscellany 471
Comments on an Ordination Application

by: Lynette

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I very recently discovered this site (which describes my religious views with uncanny accuracy), then waffled a bit on trying for ordination.

Well, okay, let's do this! I would like to be able to offer agnostic ministerial services for those who want life ceremonies without a lot of religious trappings. And it gives me another thing to put on my upcoming blog on practical apathy. (People care to damn much about the silliest things.)

If I have just come too late to the party to be ordained, that's okay. Not being ordained won't ruin my life. It would be nice, though. Can I bribe you by committing to write an article or two for your site?


Lynette's application was, of course, approved. And her offer to write further articles has been gratefully accepted. While I won't be writing anymore, new guest articles from our readers will always be welcome. jt

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