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A Miscellany 473
New Books

by: Ward Ricker

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I just discovered your website online and wanted to let you know about some books that I just published that I think you will find interesting.

One book is free. It is called "Unholy Bible: The Unholy and Unreal Parts of the Bible". It points out all the horrible, violent, immoral, etc. passages of the Bible, along with over 400 contradictions, as well as more passages that contradict reality or are simply ludicrous. I believe it is a great tool for anyone caught arguing with a Christian over the Bible (or simply to confirm their own stance on it). It is free for the downloading (PDF format) at www.WardsBooks.com.

I also have a couple of books of parody, making fun of the Bible and religious ideas, at the same site which can be purchased if anyone is interested. I hope you find these books to be both entertaining and useful.

Thanks, and good luck with your efforts,
Ward Ricker

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