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Discussion 1 to Ask the Patriarch 93
The Golden Rule should be the basic theme

by abysmalzenith (screen name)

From the UCTAA Discussion board

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I am not a parent, but my parents were more or less agnostic (it seems to me the only reason they don't call themselves agnostic is because they hate labels), but anyway, they raised me quite well without imposing religion, IMHO.

I guess the basic theme of my childhood would be the golden rule, by which I mean: “do onto others as you have them do onto you”. I realize that that quote is religious in origin, but it is universal in application. And a good way to instill this moral is to have equal-or-similar-consequence-punishment. For example, one time when I was really young, I hopped over a fence and went into my neighbor’s house when they weren't home. When my parents found out, they decided that as punishment they would pretend that someone snuck into our house and stole my Nintendo, which then reappeared a month later. I know that example wasn't exactly equal punishment, seeing as how I didn't steal anything, lol...but at that age I learned my lesson. I didn't want another person to feel bad the way I felt bad when my Nintendo was "stolen"--so I never stole anything or snuck onto anyone’s property after that (although I didn't steal anything to begin with, but anyway, enough of that).

I realize that that approach to child rearing might not work with everyone, but that’s the best advice I can give. That and making them stand in the corner for a while--boredom is the ultimate punishment for a kid, lol.