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Ask the Patriarch 98
Another Round of the Same Old Questions

from Diana

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Why should we have to ask the Patriarch? Why not ask the Matriarch?

Why do you think Agnostics need a "church"?

Why did you name it "Apathetic..." isn't that kind of an insult?

Is one still an "agnostic" if they believe in a power greater than themselves, but not the bogeyman in the sky is going to get you if you aren't "good" (as some men elitist men define "good")?

I believe the "we" of the humanity of the earth is more than thinking of the welfare of only one self (though I admit it; I like my country the best-so far.) is of more worth than just considering the selfish self, as I do believe we owe certain duties to each other according to certain limits I have identified for myself. Honestly, I hate being lied to for almost any reason.

I must say, one of the biggest dissapointments of my life was that men will lie for profit and just to get what they want. I was a real life "Polly Anna" and have found that one gets only the respect that one demands. It's a shame that one who does no physical harm to others has to demand not to be physically harmed by others. I find patriarchy too violent and think we should change the whole system back to a matriarchy (England thought it was plenty good enough; the French did not and it destroyed them.

The Patriarch replies:


Sometimes we are so focussed on what we consider to be important, we get offended far too easily without bothering to actually check out whether the offense is warranted. I have done this myself previously, and I suspect you have fallen into the same trap, particularly as most of the issues you address have already been raised by others and responded to.

Following is a sampling of some of the articles on this site which address the issues you raise:

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(& following discussion)
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There are several other articles, but that should be enough for you to get the picture.

And to go back to your opening question "Why should we have to ask the Patriarch? Why not ask the Matriarch?" - It is "Ask the Patriarch" because I (born a male and not about to change that) personally answer the questions. In the event one of the several Matriarchs in the Church volunteers and commits to take on the responsibility, then an "Ask the Matriarch" section may be added. But regardless of the connotations that the word patriarch has for you, I am not about to order one of the Matriarchs to take on this responsibility.