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Discussion 4 to Ask the Patriarch 238
Faith vs Works

by: JT

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You ask a question that has long been one of the issues which have riven Christianity, the issue of Faith vs Works. Salvation by faith alone was predominantly a doctrine of the Lutheran and Reformed churches. The Baptists also adhere to it.

If it is something you wish to investigate at length, a simple web search on the term will bring up numerous relevant articles.

I would suggest a good start would be the Wikipedia article on Sola Fide.

For a Baptist perspective see Salvation by Grace Through Faith Alone.

So, as one possible answer to your question, Yes, some Christians, and I emphasize some, do believe that believing is enough to be saved.

Other Christians do not, they consider faith and works to be inextricably intertwined. Here's an article presenting one person's case for this: Are Christians Justified by Faith or by Works?.

And we can go to the other extreme and claim that good works without faith are sufficient for salvation. We only have to look at the current Pope with his habit of musing publicly about ideas contrary to Catholic doctrine whe he suggested that atheists who do good could go to heaven.

So in the end there is no definitive answer to your question. If you happen to be a Christian, simply pick a denomination whose doctrine is aligned with your thinking.

If you are a non-believer, then salvation by belief is out of the question. Simply do good works.

Best wishes



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