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Ask the Patriarch 252
Ordination and Marriage

from: Kevin

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Am I able to get ordained from the church so I would be able to marry my friends?

Thanks for reading my quick question.

The Patriarch replies:


We are quite happy to ordain you through our application page in either the Apathetic Agnostic Church or the Worldwide Church of Agnostics.

The legal standing of any marriage you might perform depends on the laws and regulations of the country / state / county where you live. Ultimately, marriage is regulated by the government, and the validity of marriage is determined by law, not by religious decision.

That said, our ordinations are recognized nearly everywhere in the USA for performing marriages, but not in any other countries. You personally have to meet local requirements such as registration, age, filing of appropriate documentation etc. In most places in the US, you can determine these requirements at the County Clerk's office. Ohio, as far as I know, is the only state with registration required at the state level. Texas, at the other extreme apparently has no registration requirements at all.