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Discussion 5 to Ask the Patriarch 261 & 262
Resuming the discussion

by: Cat

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Hi John,

Well it seems that now I have more little tidbits to add to my understanding of the bible. As you pointed out, the bible was directed at the Israelites, or the sons of Jacob. I must say that the word Jew, only means the children of Judah, not all Israelites.

Back to 'thou shall not kill', I don't think it is correct to kill as we make mistakes, the death penalty for instance. If someone is put on death row and they are innocent, this is very wrong. If the evidence points to them being guilty, but they are not, maybe the investigators missed something, no one is perfect, we do make mistakes. However, if a man is standing in a crowded place shooting people randomly, then he must be stopped and if killing him is the only way to ensure the lives of innocent people, then i firmly believe in this. Its not that i say you cannot kill someone even if they deserve it, its the fact that, people are blamed for things they haven't done all the time. Killing them when they are innocent, is bad, very bad.

My understanding of this fits perfectly with the words of this command in Hebrew, its original language. The command is actually 'thou shall not kill without cause'. Makes more sense, since I always thought Exodus 21 conflicted with this command and therefore a contradiction.

Well I knew this book wasn't correct from the start and the deeper I go, the more sense it begins to make. Just for amusement sake, I have been called a heretic and a s**t Jew over the last few months.

A heretic in the opinion of an arrogant Roman Catholic, after I pointed out several mistakes in the translation of the Greek and Roman scriptures. This is the general view of most faiths, and that is that these words written in their bibles are the absolute truth, they haven't even scratched the surface.

If our creator is holy righteous, he won't be wanting arrogant people in his kingdom now, will he? 2.3 billion Christians in the world, all thinking they have gifts of the holy ghost and believing they will be saved. None of them are raising the dead, predicting the future or healing cripples are they? None of them seem to acknowledge the fact that in the gospels, it says 'few will be saved' 2.3 billion ain't a few. What are they doing wrong.

It's like, being adamant you have won on a lottery scratch card but not even scratching the foil off, lol. Not good when the cashier tells you, you haven't won and your disappointment is due to you not even looking.

Things I have since discovered from when we last spoke. Brings 'Beware of the scribes' from the gospels, back to mind.

The original Hebrew NT is lost and we are left with translations from two civilizations, both of whom were pagans at the time, Greeks and Romans.

The Isaiah scroll, does NOT match the translation in the bible, word for word as first believed. The Hebrew word for the Greek translation of 'virgin' is actually 'maiden'. Now I'm not saying that immaculate conception didn't happen, but if maiden replaces virgin throughout the book, it paints a different story.

The Hebrew word for Satan is 'the adversary' which is not a name but a description. The adversary meaning evil, which in my book, is mankind. He is evil when he deliberately chooses, through his own free will, to do something evil.

(One word in Hebrew can be translated into 4 of 5 different sentences in English. The Isaiah scroll shows that the translator has added in entire sentences in order to make sense of something. The KJV is full of italics, these were also put there to make sense and fill in the blanks. That's because, some Hebrew words have no English. counterparts. So when reading the KJV, you have to ignore the italics completely.)

Lucifer is a description and not a name. Isaiah 14, the king of Babylon and then he is tied to the king of tyre in Ezekiel 28, which states he is a MAN and not a god.

Ezek 28:9 “Will you still say before him who slays you,
‘I am a god’?
But you shall be a man, and not a god,
In the hand of him who slays you.

Actually reads:

“Will you still say before him who slays you,
‘I a god’?
But you a man, and not a god,
In the hand of him who slays you.

Not 'you shall be a man' suggesting he wasn't a man.

If this were a fallen angel, he wouldn't be a man. It also says he is no more. So even though people believe that Lucifer is Satan, they contradict themselves by saying Satan is all around us, trying to deceive us.

Satan as a being, is nothing but an excuse that man uses to get himself off the hook for his wrong doings.

Eg. A man goes to jail because he caught murdering people for not paying their drug money or protection money to him. He was a greedy, evil man and didn't care. When in jail, he picks up a bible and when he gets out, he claims he is a born again Christian, he is now saved and all the wrong doing he did, was because Satan tricked him into it.

If he read the end of the book, he would see that murderers etc etc and all liars, don't have a nice future.

The Hebrew word that is translated to angel, actually means messenger. There are instances when you could be led to believe that an angel spoke to someone when in fact it was a man.

I have used the name 'Jesus' but that is so you know who i am talking about. Firstly, the letter J didn't exist until around the 1500's. The letter j was originally pronounced like a y, so jet would be yet. So Yesus is more the pronunciation, written in Greek as Iesous. He would never have heard that name in his life. His name is actually more like Yeshua and it is written in Hebrew almost like YHWH.

When it says not to use his name in vain, it isn't talking about his first name. The Hebrew word for name actually means 'character' which is more like it. Two things here, they can't call on his first name when they don't know it and secondly, they can't call on his character as they don't know this either, because they don't look. Oh dear.

If this were any other book in the history of mankind, it would have been re-written and translated correctly from its original language by now...but they believe every single last word of it, to the point that they will not even consider that man makes mistakes.

Commandment 5, the word is zealous, not jealous. when he says 'visiting the iniquity of the fathers on their children, it doesn't mean what you think it means. I cant remember the exact translation but i will get it for you. However, children doesn't mean little kids, it means descendants.

Proverbs 14:15 The simple believes every word, But the prudent considers well his steps.

That wee verse is great for silencing argumentative 'Christians' within their own understanding hehe. I.e. They take it all word for word but ignore this word for word.

So if ever he does decide to prove his own existence, I'd keep this all in mind.

Q & A 261 - Q & A 262

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