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Ask the Patriarch 268
Looking for common beliefs and outlooks

from: Allen

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I am interested in becoming more involved with people and organizations who's beliefs and outlooks are closer to my own.

The Patriarch replies:

Thanks for writing Allen.

There is our own page on Facebook which you can join - but it's pretty much used for advising of site updates and posting of the occasional relevant news story - there's not not that much interaction, though I wish there was. But by-and-large, those who have signed up are of like minds.

There are any number of discussion group around the internet which can be found with a simple web search. They tend to be more populated by atheists than agnostics. In my experience, agnostics seem less willing to stay involved in these groups - perhaps we are less tolerant of interacting with trolls.

For those who are looking for face-to-face involvement, I usually recommend that people search out a humanist or skeptic organization in their area. If you live in a large enough town or city in the US, you can generally find such a group nearby with regular meetings.

Considering two of the major organizations in the US (and there are other options) you can find if there is a local group by going to these web pages:

Another possibility is your local Unitarian Universalist church. It may or may not meet your needs - some of their churches are quite spiritual; other have a more atheist/agnostic flavour

Best wishes

John Tyrrell

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