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Ask the Patriarch 272

from: Darren

submitted via unbaptism.org

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Since watching Zeitgeist 1 & 2 I have changed my views dramatically as ALL religion is literal bullshit as religion is based on the zodiac and nothing more. So as a result of finding out for the last 1700 years we have been physically and mentally dictated to by a bunch of stupid Mithratic tyrants I want to formally denounce my faith in Christianity permanently, as working as an economic slave for a nonexistent set of beliefs and nonexistent freedom is not what I'm about.

The Patriarch replies:

I am glad you have found your way away from Christianity. If Zeitgeist gave you the incentive to do so, well I suppose it shows those films can on occasion have a positive effect. But I do suggest you now use your scepticism to start questioning some of the “facts” that you learned by watching them. They are wrong in their tale of Christianity's origin, they are wrong in their presentation of conspiracies, and wrong in economics.

I suggest you do a simple web search on “Zeitgeist debunked.” You’ll find that most of the debunking is done by fellow non-believers – those who think disbelief should be based on truth, evidence, and a healthy scepticism – and not on bad, outdated, and invented research.

Making the right decision for the wrong reasons happens to all of us. I would say reading The Golden Bough by Sir George James Frazer almost 60 years ago started my journey away from belief - and by now I know much of what Frazer wrote was questionable. Learning that faith could and should be questioned was an invaluable lesson even if the details were incorrect.


A few links challenging Zeitgeist to start you off:

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