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Discussion 2 to the 3rd Commandment
“Taking the Lord’s Name in Vain”

by Scott Klajic

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On the issue of commandment #3, forbidding the taking of the Lords name in vain-- It has been commonly been understood by moderates (and credible scholars)to mean a very specific infraction--that is to say "I swear by God that I will do the following thing." And not only do you not do the thing, you never intended to. As if you had your fingers crossed behind your back while making your profession. There is no biblical standard that explicitly forbids the use of common "swear words" like the "F" word or whatever. The principle behind the use of such words would suggest that it be contextually driven. It seems to be a non-issue if you are at home alone and upon stubbing your toe you exlaim "F***!" But if you got up in front of your religious friends and proclaimed "Jenny and I are getting the F*** married," that would be inapproriate. Talk like that is intended to offend, and THAT makes it wrong.