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Discussion 1 to Reflections on Ethics 14
A Revised 10 Guidelines

by Richard

To add to this exchange of views, please use the Contact form. This discussion has been continued.

Why stick so much to the old framework? (Hoping I'm not causing a schism now ;) )

Anyway, I think it might need to be changed slightly further. (yep, really presumptuous, I know.) Some of the things in there now (especially the second one) are really not important enough to include, in my humble opinion. So, here goes (I've left the retained ones uncommented):

1. Follow your own religious beliefs and respect the right of others to follow theirs.

2. Life is too short. Make the best of it. I expanded on the "enjoyment" part here.

3. Try your best not to offend others, either by speech or actions. Sometimes it can't be avoided, but the less harm you cause, the better.

4. Act such that you merit honour.

5. Give others the honour they deserve. Should really be included, as it's rather important and not in there. Besides, I hate taking breaks ; )

6. Respect all life. Why just human life?

7. Honor the commitments you have made with your spouse.

8. Respect the right of others to their possessions.

9. Tell the truth.

10. Be reasonable in your desires for material things.

Those are what I'd suggest. Feedback is always welcome, of course :)