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Reflections on Ethics 35: "God sees your human works as filthy garments."

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On the Friendster Discussion board, someone started a thread titled "According to some people, men cannot obey the Ten Commandments?"

As this is an area which I had written before, I had to get involved, pointing out with my usual lack of subtlety that the 10th commandment was psychologically impossible to obey.

One of the replies was:

The purpose of the law is to make men realize that they will never ever be righteous & that they really need God. NO member of the human race will be able to please God except for the Lord Jesus Christ. There is no one righteous, not even one.... We simply don't have the ability to keep the law.... even if you're nice, sweet, and moral, God sees your human works as filthy garments...

This is a Christian perspective! Not all Christians mind you, but the person who wrote it got a surprising (to me) amount of support for this position. And this degree of self-abasement is not uncommon in some Christian circles.

Let's review what she had to say:

To me, this only raises questions:

As I responded, sarcastically: "It must be wonderful to believe in such a kind and loving god!"

Surely it is better to base our morality on secular values than on the theology which delivers this kind of god.