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Discussion 2 to Reflections on Ethics 38
No Justice

by Anthony DeLucchi

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This is my personal view, I do not wish to "blame" or "judge" anyone involved in this situation.

The family of this unfortunate woman was divided., Therefore, the court could not pass a judgement which would suit both parties. There can be no "justice" in this decision either way, because either outcome would have left the family estranged from each other.

I personally would have not made this decision. This is not the precedent that should have been set. Unfortunately this case would be used as the point of debate by the "modernists" searching for that new streamlined easy world where life depends on one's usefulness and not by one's right to life at any cost.

I am sorry to be a part of this apathetic world of ours and I feel very sad to be part of this human race when we can force this type of decision on people by the use of law.