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Discussion 1 to Reflections on Ethics 40
"Translated" 10 Commandments

by George Ardell

To add to this discussion (or any other,) please use the Contact form. This discussion has been continued.

Looks as if no one is interested in commenting on Reflection 40. Since no one has started a discussion, maybe I should do it even though I submitted it --- a discussion with myself??

In any case, I was impressed with the "translated" version of the Commandments. When I read the book referred to in the submission, it struck a deep chord and verbalized some questions I had been thinking about. As I told John Tyrrell, I would like to see copies of the plain-English version of the Commandments posted everywhere the standard version appears. Maybe that means I don't qualify as an apathetic agnostic, but more like a curious agnostic as the author of the book calls him(or her?) self.

There is an interesting (to me) followup article in the book which I will also submit if John Tyrrell is willing to accept another one.