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Reflections on Ethics 48
My Baby's Daddy

by Rev. Kenny Whetstone MR/N

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There is a highly disturbing trend that is slowly unraveling America at the root level.

The problem is with children having children. You can go on the internet and research your own statistics but all you have to do is look around. I live in the suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia and this problem makes itself evident on a daily basis for me. On the average, during, my daily routine, I see at least two 15 or 16 year old GIRLS with babies that have no father. Most of these girls walk around in a daze.

In talking with these girls from time to time as they come into my retail store, I find out that that they are church going, decent, young ladies. The conservative religious right that controls this state preaches abstinence until marriage. The fact of the matter is that a human female is empowered by nature to be able to reproduce from the day of her first menstrual cycle. Ladies out there reading this sermon, or listening to me deliver it somewhere... Do you remember your first cycle? How old were you? Were you ready to bring a child into this world?

Unfortunately we're fighting nature in all it's wonder. Physically, sex is something that a human is ready for at a frighteningly young age. It's within human nature to want to explore at an age where society deems to be WAY too young. I agree that this "too young" IS TOO YOUNG! Christians preach abstinence and the Catholic faith prohibits birth control of any kind. Well I'm sorry but the call of nature outweighs the call of faith on these young minds. Children are having children at alarming rates!

I link this problem to crime in our country. Most "bad people" come from broken homes. Whether it be drug dealers, thieves, murderers, rapists... you name it. A lot of these criminals were not raised properly. Look at recent tragedies involving teenagers and violence... The parents always say something along the lines of:

"We had no idea little Johnny was into these kind of things."

"We had no idea that he was having problems at school."

"We had no idea he was worshiping Satan."

"We had no idea he was playing Grand Theft Auto - San Andreas."


In the majority of these cases like the murdering kid on the Indian reservation or the kids who pulled off the Columbine incident, and the many others that escape me at this moment....


I blame the kids too and I realize that the Indian kid didn't really have a parent figure... but why not? Mom and Dad die in a car accident and the states give the surviving children to the nearest relatives without checking first if these people are fit to support these kids monetarily AND psychologically.

God forbid that anything ever happens to me and my wife, but at least I know that my wife's mother and her sister are psychologically sound enough to finish rearing my daughter properly. But could her family be a unique situation? Realizing just how hard it is to raise the proper child, I wonder if parents should be required to take some type of special education classes by law once the Mommy gets pregnant....

No that won't work because Mommy is going to need three or four DNA test just to figure out who her baby's daddy is!!! By the time you can round up all these potential "dead beat" dad's and FORCE them into testing, the baby will be in kindergarten! I would love to see some type of government intervention when a woman under the age of 21 becomes pregnant. Once the father is identified, child support should be pulled from any paycheck he receives by a federal mandate. Oh no wait! That wont work either because Daddy is probably a drug dealer that can't have his paycheck garnished because he doesn't actually have one. Or maybe he just sits around on a couch and plays video games all day and doesn't have a job.

So far all these thoughts of mine on solving this problem won't work. We need to stop the problem BEFORE it is a problem. The Christians say it's simple... keep them in church and teach them abstinence.

That's like trying trying to teach an anteater to eat hamburger!!! Nature takes over. Teaching and preaching abstinence doesn't work!

What about birth control?


Well gee that can't work either because in Genesis 38:9-10 the bible says...

And Onan knew that the seed should not be his; and it came to pass, when he went in to his brother's wife, that he spilled it on the ground, lest that he should give seed to his brother.

And the thing which he did displeased the LORD: why he slew him also.

Bottom line here, preaching abstinence is NOT working. Everyday, more "welfare" babies are being born to unwed mothers. Everyday, teenage boys are getting away with what I consider a jail-able offense in which they are partner to bringing a child into this world without paying for it or raising it. Every day naive young ladies are spreading their legs and getting pregnant... EFFECTIVELY RUINING THEIR LIVES!

AND EVERY DAY... I blame the parents!

Talk to your children! You can't tell them not to have sex! It doesn't work!

Mother Nature's "urges" are way more powerful than your religious talk of abstinence could ever be!

Teach them about birth control! If not for pregnancy reasons.... Explain to them how pregnancy not only ruins their future.... BUT THE SEX CAN KILL THEM!

As of this sermon... there is still NO CURE for AIDS!