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Discussion 1 to Reflections on Ethics 105
An update on Beatriz

by: JT

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The Supreme Court in El Salvador, under pressure from the Catholic Church, has ruled 4-1 that Beatriz has no recourse against her country's absolute ban on abortion. Even though the fetus she is carrying has no chance of surviving for more than a few days if brought to term, even though it is missing most of its brain, even though bringing it to term would put Beatriz's life in critical danger, the Supreme Court has ruled she cannot have an abortion.

Fortunately for Beatriz, the Ministry of Health which had strongly supported the case for abortion has an alternate plan. They have authorized the delivery of the fetus immediately by C-section. The fetus will not survive.

The operation is more complicated and a little more risky than an abortion would have been - and it amounts to just playing games with definitions, but apparently gets around the legal prohibition.

Meanwhile, sentences of up to 30 years are routinely handed out in El Salvador to women convicted of obtaining an abortion.



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