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Reflections on Ethics 119
Human Morality: creativity

by: Gordon Barthel

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The most distinguished human morality is creative, imagining a happier and healthier world for all people. It is the tradition of finding innovative solutions to problems that have plagued humanity for millennia such as the discovery of vaccines that prevent diseases before they can threaten our health and our lives. It is the discovery of penicillin and antibiotics for curing a myriad of ailments, and it is the ongoing research for new medicines to cure ancient ailments and emerging diseases.

Creative morality is the innovative thinking that has shifted our perceptions of mental health from sorcery and demonic possession to mental diseases to mental disorders. And thanks to the magic of creative thinking, scientists are finding some creative cures for these disorders, including pharmaceutical cures and physiological cures such as exercise.

We also enjoy the benefits of creative morality is more ordinary ways such as our modern homes where we can shut out the rat race and relax with family and friends. It is also the relaxing ambiance at our favourite restaurant where we can shed our professional personas and share a few laughs with friends while savouring delectable cuisine. It is the beautiful parks where we can forget about our domestic obligations and simply hang out with family and friends surrounded by verdant scenery and clear blue skies.

Creative human morality has also given us revolutionary ideas that we take for granted such inalienable rights for all humans, irrespective of age, race, ethnicity, nationality, occupation, income, gender or sexuality. It has given us the idea of democracy, the premise that everybody has the right to contribute to the public discourse without fear of censure or punishment everybody has a duty to participate in the governance of our society.

The most illustrious human morality is creative, building a happier, healthier world for all humankind whatever their physiology, their psychology, their intelligence or their convictions.


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