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Talk Back 6

by Manna

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I dusted off my dictionary and agree that:

  1. you can be called a religion;
  2. you are a church.

In looking up nescience I learned a new word today (thanks).

That brings me to my real reason for this correspondence. In meditation #1a, Homer Simpson's wife is Marge, not Madge. Also, if Homer ruptured his time and space continuum, logic would decree he would be unable to settle down and watch TV. I realize this is perhaps another unknowable, and I really don't care if you disagree.

Perhaps that was the whole purpose of this meditation... to entice the member using it to actually contemplate the absurd. If that be the case, your title of supreme[1] whatever is apt.

Response from P of C: Thanks for catching the Marge / Madge error. I've fixed that element.


  1. Originally, the position of Patriarch of the Church was known as Supreme Patriarch. We eventually changed that when somehow we began to be taken seriously.