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Talk Back 15
The Power of God

by Clay Boyd

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I've been knocked on the ground by the power of God at least a couple of hundred times. I was not in any particularly frantic emotional state during those times. No human knocked me down at all. As a matter of fact, quite a few of the times I was not even touched by human hands. The phenomena were accomplished in the Name of Jesus, with a minister simply praying over me. There was a time that I would have never imagined experiencing such things. I've experienced many other things (many healings, etc.), and I guess it's all because I had the audacity of becoming a Pentecostal (Assembly of God, etc.) back in 1987. Not all Pentecostals are the same. Not all "Christians" are the same. Yet there is one true God that I have found will reveal Himself to a Christian who is longsuffering and patient and that seeks God with all his heart. Moreover, I personally glean a little bit of wisdom from other religions also at times. We Christians are not all so bad sometimes!


A Thinker


I wrote previously and the article was published as "by Anonymous". I didn't mean to hide my identity, so I thought I'd better write and give you permission to post my name on the previous email.

I also thought that I could continue telling a few more things about my experiences with God. I have experienced many other things that strongly affirm my belief in a Creator. I have had colds, pains, etc. instantaneously leave my body hundreds or possibly thousands of times. That affirms the work of a creator (i.e. a "creative miracle worker" creating something new that was not there before). His creative touch is undeniable and I have experienced it many times in various healings. I have walked in a place of constant experience with God for weeks and months and years at a time. I constantly sought Him with my whole heart and so EVENTUALLY found a constant experience with Him. I have nothing to gain in telling you this except that I believe God will reward my efforts at some time. Yet my motive is not even the reward. I simply WANT to write these simple testimonies to you.

I hope this doesn't sound too uncivilized or unmodern or unscientific for you, for I really want you to gain some kind of insight from what I'm writing. You have my permission to also place this email on your website.