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Talk Back 25
X: A View Of Modified Discordianism

by Tyler

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“Nothing is true; everything is permissible”

By these words it is meant that everything is false because theories can only be explained by even more theories. And since everything is false, everything must have the same value. Everything is equally not as true or false and equally absurd.

You see we live in an “overall existence” which has three “realities” or three “sub-existences”. The first “reality” is mind. The second and third “realities” consists of “soft realities” as well as “hard realities” that is open to public view and speculation The only way the “mental reality” can be open to the masses is only when one converts the unseen into the seen; or rather the intangible into the tangible by the modes of “speech” or “movement”.

“Soft reality” is the “reality” that can be manipulated by an organism. This includes all complex items that consist of smaller or “sub-items” such as the energies of atoms. Since energy cannot be created nor destroyed they are out of the complete control of all living beings. They are their own “things” and are controlled by their own “consciousness”. Only that “consciousness” can create or destroy them. This “consciousness” is commonly referred to as “God”.

“God” can be many various “things” but the most prevalent are the theories that “God” is a separate entity than that of the mind or that “God” is a “deeper” or more complex part of the “mind”. If the latter is the case, then the “mental” and the “hard” “existences” are the same “thing”. And since both “hard” and “soft” “realities” are connected, than “soft” and “mental” “realities” are also the same “thing”. All is connected. Thus three seemingly separate “things” are in fact all the same.

This leads me to the absurdity and the actual meaning of language. Take for example a “chair”. We can identify this “thing” as a “chair” because that is how we humans can interact and communicate with each other. There is no communication if the message is not understood. The actual word “chair” is a creation of the “mind” and has nothing really to do with the actual physical object known as “chair”. But then yet again, the “mental” is connected to the “hard” and the “hard” is connected to the “soft”. So the word “chair” comes out of the “mental reality” which is connected to the “soft reality” of the “chair” so they are in fact the same “thing”. And again, two separate “things” are really the same “thing”.

The “thing” is the base of all “sub-things” and all “sub-things” come from the same “thing”. This is absurdity at its best.

But yet again, this is only a lie.