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Talk Back 26
You are cursed with a curse

Pastor Steven M. Smith, D.D.

Background Note: Talk Back 26, originally titled "Your corrupted organization," was correspondence originating from Rev. Smith subsequent to my rejection of his several ordination applications. It was removed at his request in November of 2002 and at the same time, he ended his "war" on Apathetic Agnosticism. After a period of silence, he recontacted us as detailed in "Ask the Patriarch 27." I thought my reply was enough to send him on his way permanently, but he reopened communication on 23 July 2003 to object to publication of that unsolicited communication. In my rejection of his earlier request, I stated clearly "And any further correspondence from you will be posted on the Apathetic Agnostic web site if it suits my purposes. Of course if you don't write, you are at no further risk." He responded with this diatribe, which is an appropriate replacement for his earlier rant. I have made no changes in his submitted text, other than to take it out of bold face type to make it somewhat more readable.

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Dr. Tyrell

With out controversy great is the vast canyon of ignorance that lies deep within the minds of the Agnostics. Your very slogan says that your organization is based on ignorance, "We Don't Know And We Don't Care". I understand that you do not acknowledge GOD's word which is the Bible, but if you were to actually read it you would know that it's prophecies are 100% accurate. You mentioned in your email that I should start a "war" against your faith?! Dr. Tyrell, the war has already been fought and victory has already been declared for the children of the Most High GOD. "When was this war fought?" you might ask.......at Golgotha! (Just in case you don't have a Greek dictionary, Golgotha is the place of the skull.) Where people like you crucified my Lord, but to your suprise GOD had already preordained it all. In His death there was victory and in His ressurection there was power. So you see the war is already over. As a matter of fact it's been over for more than 2,000 years. I know that you mock me with your associates and say all manner of evil against me, but despite of your actions I will delight myself in the Lord knowing that His wrath shall fall upon you and your assoiates (the children of Satan). I have found that you have no ethics, morals, or character. You don't even have the slightest shred of dignity, but what else could I expect from a group of people who have rebelled against GOD's Word. Now, concerning me being a prophet of GOD, I am with out a shadow of doubt a pure 100% Jesus Christ preaching machine. I am a prophet of the Lord (one of many in the Christian Faith) and as a prophet I will prophecy. GOD's wrath shall indeed fall upon all who rise against His Word, Law, Ways and His People. You are cursed with a curse and shall in no way inherit GOD's Kingdom, but rather suffer eternal torment in the Lake of Fire. Take heed to the warning "Doctor" Tyrell, for GOD's Word is True and it shall come to pass unless you turn from your evil and disgusting ways. You are an abomination before GOD and His blood bought family. Finally in my closing I would like for you to know that if you would like to start a "war" than be my guest, seeing as though I would not have to fight in any battle but the Lord shall protect, fight and proclaime victory for me. Continue in error and ignorance, thou son of Satan.

Laboring For What Is Right, True And Honest,

Pastor Steven M. Smith, D.D.