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Talk Back 35
When you stand before Him, what will you say?

by David Harris

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Meditation 182, Meditation 183, & Meditation 184 have been written as responses to some of the points raised.

Let's just say for the sake of consideration that there is a God. When you stand before Him, what will you say?

God has revealed Himself in so many ways. Yet you choose to say there is no God! Can you look at any item in our world: a house, a watch, a car, etc. and not understand that those things must have had a creator? Since that is true, how can you look at a much more complex universe and say that it all happened by chance?

In reality, it is a choice. I have chosen to believe in a living God who has revealed Himself in nature, in His word-the Bible, in the lives of countless thousands who have seen his life transforming power change their sin cursed hearts, in Calvary, in fulfilled prophecy, etc. In the life of Jesus Christ alone some 300+ prophecies were fulfilled. All of this is chance???

When a person looks at self and can only see his own beauty, there is great room for concern. That is what happened to Lucifer causing him to begin to think that he was greater than his Creator. The result? God cast him out of His presence and in the future will get the complete victory over him. His time is coming. By the way so is ours.

Of course, much of this is probably not helpful to you if you have chosen not to believe that God is or to believe what He has already said in His word, the Bible. The Bible declares that the soul that sinneth, it shall die. Death is the penalty, eternal death separated from God in a lake of fire, that we will pay for the sin that is in our heart. But, Jesus paid our debt for us. You can either chose to reject that gift or receive it. The result is heaven (God having paid the debt) or hell (you having to pay your own debt), according to the word of Almighty God. Your choice to reject it is your own, but are you ready for the consequences IF you happen to be wrong about what you believe now??? If I am the one that is wrong, what do I lose? If you, can a lake of fire be something that does not concern you?

My, your claims seem so filled with confidence! But what if you are wrong? What if there really is a God. What if there really is a heaven and a hell? Wouldn't it be better to find out now and get ready?

I have been taught the Bible and the things of God all my life. I have studied them for myself and found them reliable. Go ahead, study the Bible for yourself. Have you ever read it? Have you ever studied it and looked at it to find its errors? What proof do you have that there is no God? Maybe in your life you have found that there is none, but does that mean that He does not exist?

Finding God can only happen when a person realizes that God is. Until then, God is not going to reveal Himself to a skeptic heart. He has nothing to prove. Sadly, in the end, in all the vast knowledge that you do not now possess, you may find out that one of the things that you did not know was that there IS a God and he is not you! THEN, what will you do?

You can be cute now, but what will you do when you stand before the Creator of all things? My prayer is that you will find God. If you seek Him, He will reveal Himself. If you chose to reject Him, He will one day be your judge. It's all up to you.

Oh, by the way, yes this is my real name....and I happen to be one of those missionaries I read about that you degraded on your web sight. Yes, there are many out for themselves and what they can get out of life, but there are a host of us who work because we have found that there is a God who loves His creation. We have found that there is joy and hope and peace in knowing Him. We have found that there is a life worth living that has meaning. We have given our lives to tell others of this wonderful One who means all the world to us. He has changed our hearts and given us peace, joy and forgiveness of sin. We are living for Him and desire to point others to Him. Yes, there are many of us who are not in it for the money. I wish you could only get to know one of us. Better yet, I wish you could come to know the God who means more to me than life itself.

By the way, your attempt to tell people that they can be gods too is not original. That is the same line that someone in the garden of Eden (Satan) told Eve that made her consider eating the fruit of a tree that God had said not to eat. Isn't that amazing? In that story, man has ONE rule. What happens? He breaks it! There is the real "god" nature of man! It basically says, "I know best" and "I don't care what God says! I will do my own thing!" Man has continued to live apart from God and doing his own thing for centuries. In fact, there are many religions that claim that you can be a god.

Well, that is your choice, but just be prepared. One day you will meet your Creator. That is a given. It is going to happen!

David Harris

Missionary to Japan

Baptist International Missions, Inc.