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The only absolute truth

by Starrlight

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The only absolute truth is what you make of it in your own life. Forget about religion. Religion is just an organized way to get people to follow rules that aren't even in original scriptures. But my question is, how many atheists or agnostics actually search for truth, rather than search for man-made religious beliefs? What I mean is, if you read an old news paper article and believe what's recorded in it, rather than reading the critics review of it, how different is it to search the museums for the scriptures that the scribes copied to scrolls verbatim before any translations were made? The priests counted the letters to ensure there was none added or missing, because if that were the case, the scribe would have to rewrite the entire doctrine. So it was pretty accurate, more accurate than believing what's in our newspapers today. And those scrolls still exist today, so rather than read translations of translations of translations, etc., I'm wondering has any atheist ever searched for the sake of their souls, in case we do have souls. Or are they afraid of it all being true? And why gather religiously to debate religion? Is it a way to be sure that you're not sure, or to enforce the belief that you don't belief, in case one day someone has a vision of truth? How ironic is it to go to a "church" to have a pastor-like leader preach that we should get away from God. How different is that from Benny Hinn leading crowds of blind followers away from the gospel to preach that he should be paid to tell that they will be cured of all diseases and relieved of all debts (...for a small fee of course)? Just curious.

-lover of the true thruth