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Re: This Site is Just for Men?

by JT

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I am not sure why you closed by mentioning you are an anthropologist. Perhaps you think this gives your comments and conclusions added credibility. However, I don't understand how familiarity with this scientific discipline gives you particular insight into the existence of a deity.

But that's not the main issue I wish to address here. Rather it is your unwarranted assumption that this site is just for males.

As an anthropologist, you may be interested in knowing that one hundred percent of the email received in the 24 hours immediately preceding your message was from women. (Based on names - which, admittedly, is not a perfect way of assessment.) That is unusual.

But, in the day before you wrote, every application for membership or ordination was from women. (Normally this is about 33%.) All the positive feedback and commentary was from women. (Normally this is about 80%) And all the criticism, including yours, was from women. (Normally this runs about 50%)

While the past day has been statistically unusual, I have found over the years, we have been very welcoming to women, we have been very open to expressing women's issues, and we have published the writing of a number of women on the site.

I don't know how you came to the conclusion that this site is for men only. I suspect you did not look very deeply into the issue. You are provably wrong.