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Re: Is that quote from Darwin?

by JT

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To answer your question, yes, it indeed is a quotation from Charles Darwin.

As to everything else you have to say, I'm sure you present a very convincing argument for belief to someone who is already firmly convinced.

But to anyone who has doubts, you are saying absolutely nothing to provide a basis for belief. To use, in part, your own words, what you have to say demonstrates "the total folly, absolute hopelessness, profound helplessness and undoubted futility" of your core argument - which is pray to some hypothetical god to grant belief in him.

You can humble yourself before your imaginary friend all you want, but it is still your imaginary friend. You have said absolutely nothing to justify why anyone else should choose your particular imaginary friend over all the other the imaginary friends arising out of the innumerable variations of religious belief, let alone establishing the reality of any form of imaginary friend.