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Re: Apathy

by Julie DiMauro

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Anthony Delucchi wrote: "Apathy, seeing but not caring?"

No. It is "Apathy: not seeing any evidence of God's supposed involvement in human affairs, for better or worse; and therefore, assuming we needn't waste our own time caring about the existence of a god figure who doesn't seem to care about us."

It's not too scary to care whether or not a god exists (although, it may indeed be too scary for people who depend on a God to imagine a world where they have to care for themselves.) It's just not important enough to care. Where you see miracles and signs of divine love, I just see the world, and nature and science and people all at work. There might be a god (that may or may not be like the one you believe in), but since I don't find any evidence of the divine in my life, it's not worth further consideration.

"...if we do not care if there be a Creator or a beneficial God, how can we become hurt when the ones we shower with special favours or love do not acknowledge our efforts?"

Because the people we love have some evidence of our feelings for them (not to mention, our existence). If God sent me some special favours, they must have gotten lost in the mail.

"I could explain the gift of eternal life, but you would answer, who wants to live forever?"

Nope, I'd answer that I don't believe in eternal afterlife to begin with, so it wouldn't make a difference whether you decided to tell me your fairy tale or not.

"The question is not simply is there a God, we have forgotten who we are, what we are."

Perhaps you have, I have not. I have no forgotten that I am a human, a member of a particular culture. I am, in part, defined by my interactions with others, and I find fulfillment in the life that I make for myself. I'm all set.

"We are dualistic in our nature that is why we can change our minds, rebel against the norm argue and disagree, and love and care..."

That's not dualism, that's the complexity of the human mind. It's psychology and it's sociology.

Why did you end your submission with an ellipsis? It indicates an unfinished thought, so perhaps you should take that as a hint.

I'm glad that you find some guidance in your life through a belief in the divine. I'm content to make my way through life my own way.