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Talk Back 53
Promoting Agnosticism

by David Barth

A discussion on this article has been opened in Debate and Discourse. Please feel free to add your thoughts to the discussion via the contact page.

I have just read your "Articles of Faith" and found them excellent until the last sentence of the discussion on Article 3.

"However, our apathy to the question of God's existence does not necessarily mean we are apathetic about promoting agnosticism."

As a religious agnostic, existentialist and libertarian I would have no desire to "promote" agnosticism than I do of any philosophy. I want to "promote" truth and rationalism! I respect other cultures and religions and have no desire to foist my opinions on anyone as I think that is rude and condescending of other' beliefs. This is something religions do, even the Unitarians with their political and social agenda, and I find it distasteful as I understand too well the hypocrisy of these organizations.

If one would just seek the truth, proselytizing would be unnecessary because as John Maynard Keynes said:

"When the facts change, so do I. What do you do, Sir?".

The last thing most people want to hear are facts that dispute their opinions and beliefs. Save your time as life is too short. There are plenty of closet Agnostics out there and they, as I, will find you if you propagate the truth and not preach, which is a complete turnoff and antithetical to Agnosticism.

David Barth, CFA
Jupiter, Florida