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Talk Back 73
Agnosticism vs. Atheism

by NaLalina

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Scientifically disproving or proving anything is impossible. So provability is not the issue, probability is.

Your site defines agnosticism as (correct me if I’m wrong) belief in the improbability of scientifically knowing (showing as more than 90% probable) an omnipotent being’s existence or nonexistence. By this broad definition, I’m an agnostic, but by my own, I am not. For “agnosticism” to hold much significance, rather than being so broad as to encompass most people, I define it as belief that the probability of an omnipotent being’s existence is about the same as the probability of nonexistence. I think it’s more probable that such beings do not exist (b/c they don’t seem to exist and “not existing” is more parsimonious than “existing yet seemingly not existing”), so I call myself an atheist.