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Questions about God

by: Art

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I learned along time ago that trying to convince people that God exists was a waste of my time. Why? Well,because they are going to do whatever they feel is best for them anyway.

But because I'm stubborn, and love to follow up on questions that people have, I have a tendency to have had questions about God that nobody could answer, not even me.

So I decided about twenty years ago to sincerely search for answers for myself and for people who are somewhat interested in this subject. Not just typical answers that you hear from people who use the Bible, etc., but rather from logic itself.

I never use the Bible to prove anything. Why? Well, because I know how people feel about it. So I never will use it to debate, I only use the Bible with people who are believers.

I have learned that people who don't care about God, could care even less about a Bible. Maybe it isn't the right approach, but that's the way I approached this quest for answers.

I also figured we have all had similar experiences and similar questions about this thing we call life.

And I don't believe what I don't see, therefore I had to really ask myself a lot of deep questions in order to find some answers that made sense to this madness.

Some of the questions that I came up with for both sides, believers and non-believers, are in this dialogue:

Non-believers: Who created God?

Believers: Who created the Big Bang if energy or matter cannot be created or destroyed? Nothingness cannot create something. The cause must be greater than the effect.

Non-believers: The universe created itself.

Believers: How can something exist before nothingness?

Non-believers:The universe is eternal, therefore it has always existed, therefore able to create from itself.

Believers: The Big Bang is the beginning point of birth, therefore, how can it be eternal if it had a "beginning".

Non-believers: Time has always existed.

Believers: Time was created the moment the big bang occurred. Everything that is created "takes up time" therefore, there was no time before time was created. However, something outside of time caused time into existence.

Anyway, this is a small example of things that I have thought about straight out of logic. Have any of you had any similar thoughts?