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Talk Back 105
Atheists rely on moral relatvism

by: Anthony

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Atheists have absolutely no grounds for deciding what is right and wrong in a society. They rely only on relativism, meaning whatever a particular society views as moral, it passes. This would mean that what the Germans did to the Jews in the Holocaust was morally acceptable because as a society, the Germans thought it was okay to kill Jews and other people. Atheists today may say that it was not moral for what Germany did, but that is due only to their particular moral upbringing. If there is a tribe who thinks it is okay to kill the weak people and roast them in a huge fore for food, then that is morally acceptable to them. In fact, that tribe would think that other tribes who treat weaklings with respect and try to help them are immoral because they are letting the weak people slow down the! tribe's progress. If a person finds pleasure in killing somebody else, then it is relative morality for the killer because he receives pleasure from the act, but for the victim, it is not pleasurable, therefore, moral relativism contradicts itself. This is moral relativism in a nutshell, and as you can see, it is dangerous. The answer is Biblical Christianity, which sets a good set of moral standards for a society to act civilized. Matthew 5:44 says to love your enemies. Read the gospels and learn of the teachings of Jesus Christ, for they can act as a moral set for a society.


Link suggestion: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wQ-aqnDHqqA