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Discussion 6 to Talk Back 109
Bringing closure to this discussion

by: JT

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Just to bring closure to this particular discussion. I received two further emails from Leeon, the first of which was another lengthy article (Where will you be in 100 years?) which addressed none of the questions raised about his first article and which relied on numerous quotations from the KJV - and not a single comment addressing why the KJV should be accepted as authority for anything - an issue which to which discussion 5 required a response is such references were to be considered meaningful and relevant.

The second additional message from Leeon was in response to me advising him that I would not publish the previous one because he had not addressed the issues. This response was brief and snarky, but mercifully contained no KJV references.

For those interested in continuing the discussion of problems with the KJV identified in Discussion 5, Meditation 953 and the ensuing discussion may be of interest.