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Talk Back 110
The Holy Book of El

by: Charles Edward Smythe

Author's Note: My grandfather was 1/2 Native American. I became ill 2 years ago and did not know if I would recover or not. I felt compelled to write this short narrative, blending things I heard from my grandfather and other natural beliefs, as well as my own. It is written in the style of the Yazidi Book Of Revelation. I did not write it to sell, but for others to read. Over the 2 years that it was written, it seemed to me that I was compelled to write it by something else that I cannot explain. Sometimes when I could not write for days or weeks, I would reread what I had written before I started back again, and sometimes when I read it, I could not remember writing certain parts of it. I have a good memory. It was strange. You have my permission to publish it, post it, give it away, or sell it yourself if you believe that you can. Just do not alter it. I was compelled to write it and am compelled to distribute it as much as possible. This is the only thing I have ever written.

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  1. I am El. I am the light of all and every. Forever is mine alone. I am the uncreated and the unformed.  Long, long ago I was, a deep dark mass of non-things. I roamed and wandered for timeless eternity, yet never moved, for there was nothing to move around in. I became the void. I was and always have been all unto myself, for there is nothing else.
    I am all that never was, all that used to be, all that has ever been, and all that will ever be. I permeate all. I am the only, for there is none other to compare me to. My essence is everywhere for there is none other to take my place. I am the unfailing presence. I am unexplainable and incomprehensible to anything and everything that is part of me, which are all things and all non-things. I existed before time, for time emerged from me. My journey is never ending, expanding and ceaseless. I am El.  

  2. My light is a part of all that exists. It is a part of all that will ever be. It has always been.           Once I existed only as the vast endless sea of emptiness, now I am all things and all non-things. When the time of no time could exist no more in the dark empty infinity of the all, time appeared. Time brought order and made all things possible. With time all things can begin and end. Except for El. I am everlasting for I had no beginning and no source.When the ages and ravages of time appeared, I was as I am now. Without reason and without cause I am. As long as the dark and emptiness existed, the light and the fullness will also exist. All is one. I am all. Separated by the emergence of time itself, the infinite parts of the cosmos still fit together in perfect design. Ever growing, ever changing, and never slowing. I continue on. I am over all, through all and in all. I am El.

  3. The all am I. My abode is the smallest grain, the largest rock and the power of the cosmos. I am in all, see all, know all and tend all. Every star and every light in the cosmos are filled with El. When the mighty circle of fire cooled and became your world, I saw, I came, I gave and I am. Your world appeared and was. In the early days of old, the fires of power ceased to burn and a cold darkness came to the barren world that was to become the dwelling of life. With the cold darkness, a great calm spread across the world. This was the time of rest. Great peace and quiet was the entire world. No water, wind, rain, fire, or life existed to spoil the long sleep of the nourishing world to come. Peace reined. The world slept as the eons came and went. Stars and other worlds passed by, without notice or intent. When the end of the great peace of the cold came, it pushed down from the sun. The glow of light filtered through to the cold dark world, with the promise of warmth to come. The warmth came again and all was bright so many eons ago.

  4. Before the world is as it is now, it was a place of twilight and cold, water and turmoil. The great sea ruled all. All that lived resided under the vastness of the waters. No land was there to hold back the tides. Mighty storms shook the world in those days. The surging waters flowed where they wanted and filled the world with its might. No birds flew and no beasts crawled. Only the monsters of the deep roamed the sea, and called it their own. The tempests on the waters roared with wind and rain and lightning as it roamed over the landless world of eons ago. With the upheaval of the depths came the tops of mighty mountains as they fought their way out of the waters. More and more they emerged until they halted the rush of the water and tempered the mighty storms until they no longer ruled the air. Calm came at times and light shone down between the upheavals of the storms, bringing warmth and beauty to the barren world, which was the womb of life to come.

  5. Life came and existed. It grows more and more. It seeks out itself. It thrives. Life is, unlike others, a temporary state. It comes and it goes. It comes from and returns to. Time makes life and no-life possible. Life is a simple journey of learning among the all. Living things seek out other living things. They cannot exist without others like them. A living thing left alone, will wither away. Life dies. Truth lives. The light lives. The breath returns to the wind, and the dust to the ground. I begin all, end all, and will always be all. I am El.

  6. The beginning of your world was the beginning of life. Only on your world does life exist as it does, and nowhere else will life ever exist as it does upon your world. Life is not necessary to exist, yet it is sought out by the light and the dark. Life comes as a whole. Part light and part darkness, it exists as part of the all. Life is fleeting, once there and later not there. It may last only an instant, or it may last for almost an eternity, yet will surely end as does all things. Life is a state of being, a journey to different parts of the all. Different parts of El.

  7. Change is all that can ever be. The cosmos will never remain constant again. Since that first flash of light lit up the dark emptiness, change can be all there is, forever. The all changes yet remains as it has always been. Sometimes it changes so slowly, that it can exist for time and time after, and still appear the same. All material things no matter how long they exist finally crumble and fade away. Only the all is forever. I am all. I am El.

  8. Life has added a great illumination to your world, a world that once was barren rock and water. With life the world is a garden of green. It is a place of ultimate wonder, a place of great joy and understanding. It is a place of suffering and sadness, a place of birth and death. It is a place where the great light of the good and the immense weight of the evil all dwell together, a place of illusion and a place of reality. It is a place of contentment and turmoil. With all life comes the beginning and the end, the end of the beginning and the beginning of the end. As long as I have been, I have seen all things end and begin again. I have felt the heat and the cold. I have been hungry and thirsty. I have been born and I have passed on. I have known the grip of pain and the wonder of pleasure. I have known death and sickness. I have known good and evil, light and darkness. I have known all of these things for I am part of all and all itself. Every living thing contains me, knows me, and feels me, but none can comprehend me. I am El.

  9. Through-out the cosmos are an endless multitude of marvels, I know them all. I am them all. Yet for all the glory in the cosmos, and all the magnificent illumination and grandeur that resides in it, life has no equal. Your world is the mightiest because of it. Endless numbers of lives have come and went in the long history of your world. None other like it exists. None ever will. Life is a timeless mystery only I know the secrets to.  The light creates life from none. It creates life without thought or plan. Life appears without warning and disappears without notice. It appears, thrives, falters, and then drifts away with the countless other living things that have lived and disappeared over the ages. It is so complex and simple, all at the same time. It matters little how it became. It simply is.

  10. Since the first beast of the Earth wandered over its horizon, life has filled the world with nurturing kindness and unequaled harshness. The natural world itself knows no wrong. Every plant and every animal work together, never in unison, but always together. Each has ways, each their own. Each does as they are meant to do. They know little else of their meager existence and know no other way. They take what they need and leave the rest for others. All living things know they are alive, yet none know why. No living thing knows where they were before they lived. None know where they journey to. None ever will. There are some who believe that they are all-knowing, and all-seeing, and claim to see the light of the future, and the path of the afterlife. There is no future and no past. There is only the present and only the now. Life knows not from where it came, and therefore knows not to where it is journeying to, for the end is the beginning and the beginning is the end. Without knowing the beginning, the end can never be known. The beginning is the all. All living and non-living things are intermingled with themselves. All are part of the every, and the every is part of the all. I am all. I am El.



  1. For eons I have watched you toil and till, live and learn, and wander upon your world. Every living being upon this world shares with each other, a part of the light. You know this to be true.  You have arrived at your destination in the world, but as yet you have no idea what it is or why it will be. You are content with the illusion you have draped around yourselves, while you ignore the ever growing shadow that creeps slowly toward your world like the beast crawling in the grass. Too many times you have ignored the truth of the light. Like frightened sheep you run to the sound of the shepherd with the loudest voice or the sweetest feed. I leave this last word of warning to you. I am all. I am El.

  2. I have been with all forever. I have been with you from dawn to dusk. Dusk has come. I was with you when you cast the first stone, and when you wrote upon it long ago. Those writings upon stone still contain the truth. I sat with you when you peered into the flames, looking for answers to mysteries you unraveled in your feeble minds. Your minds are still feeble, yet you believe you have knowledge. I stood by as you grew and prospered, and while you killed and maimed those of your own kind. I was there when twice you annihilated your own kind for reasons that never were and never could have been. More than once I sent the word to you, so you might not repeat those mistakes of the past. Every time you received the word, it fell upon deaf ears, and was corrupted and destroyed, and used by those who sought only power and possessions. Great men, prophets and sages, have walked among you all your days, yet you slandered them, ignored them and ended their lives before their time. Men of renown have come and went without notice, while you have revered the masters of deceit. You give all to the deceivers simply to hear the lies and stories that come from their mouths. You seek out the lies, the stories and the myths because the truth is not to your liking.

  3. You idolize the leaders of fools, and the preachers of their own vanity. You bow down and worship those that other men have fashioned in their own image for their own greed and vanity. You have surrounded yourselves with a prison of your own choosing and have left the key with the leader of darkness. You have surrendered yourselves to those with loud voices and promises of all and every. Like a plague, the corruption of the good for the benefit of the evil, spreads itself across the world. Greed and envy, power and lust, money and arrogance, are the evils of those that lead you to the end of your time. These you prefer. You choose to believe lies because the truth is so plain. You live your lives through others because your own seems so worthless. You lay in a stupor and dream of far away places, while others starve and rot and scour the land for food and kindness.

  4. And yet the sun still rises every morning and sets every night. The waves of the sea still come ashore, and the wind still blows across the land. There is still hope. Although the teacher of righteousness has long ago passed from your midst, his words still echo across the world. The words of the prophets still sound through the valleys and deserts as they have for an eternity. Shreds of the truth may be all that remain of the wise ones of old, but it is enough. Look at yourself and ask. Is this all that I am and all that I am to be? You are more than you ever believed. You are part of the all. I am all. I am El.

  5. I am the uncreated, the unborn, and the unformed. I am with all at all times, yet very few ever know me. I have no eyes but I see all. I have no touch yet I feel all. I have no mind, still I know all. If you look for me you will never see me, yet I am closer to you than you are to yourself. When you are alone in the dark, it is my presence you feel. It is I who fill your dreams with substance and mystery. Some worship me, but I have no secrets to offer them for I am that I am. Some pray to me, but I cannot be summoned. Some glorify me but I have no glory. Some call me Lord, yet I am master of none.  I am master of none but host to all. I am El.

  6. Many names you have called me, and many things you have attributed to me. I have endured with you and suffered with you all along the way. The way is coming to an end. Beware the praises and prayers that flow so easily out of your hearts to the creations of men. Do your holy men ask for your money? Do your leaders trade the soothing words of the orator for the coins of corruption? Do your holy men consort with the rich and the immoral while leaving behind the poor and the helpless? Have you chosen the evil, the corrupt and the worshipers of money as the leaders of your own? All of these things have come to pass. All of these things have you brought upon yourselves. How many wars have been fought for the glory of your leaders? How many innocent ones have been tortured and maimed and killed in the name of your Gods? How many of your own kind have you denied, shunned, and cursed, because they claimed a God of a different name? All of these things have you done in the name of your Gods and your leaders. Evil deeds are done in the name of God. The creation of human beings.

  7. One people hating another, nation against nation, tribe against tribe, one belief against another. Some live a life of luxury, as they turn away from the sight of others dying of starvation and disease.
    So many of this world turning to immorality to obtain the material things of the world of illusion. While others kill their own kind because they are told that it is their duty. Their duty to kill, the sin of all sin. Your chosen leaders, leading their flock of fools down the path to the end and the annihilation of all. The darkness comes. It creeps over the land and brings death and sickness to all and every. Open your eyes to the evil. Abandon the illusion of satisfaction that you have wrapped around yourself, for only without it can you see the evil and darkness that comes, and the way to the everlasting light.

  8. Evil and corruption are spreading across your world. The way is being forgotten. You have taken the words of the wise and destroyed them and corrupted them, so you could prosper and accumulate the material things of the world of illusion. You make war and call it holy. You murder and call it justice. The word has been given but not received. The way has been marked but the markers have been turned. The teacher of righteousness has left the path to the truth behind. Once more I bring you the way and the word. Remember that time comes without haste. All things that begin will end. The end comes. Remember the words of the great men of renown who came long before.



  1. The great sages and prophets that have lived in your time have left the path to the light and the truth behind them before they returned to the all. Many among you have tried to silence the words of truth they left behind by hiding and destroying them. Many among you have ridiculed their simple sayings of the unity of the cosmos and declared them to be against the laws of human society and modern knowledge. Yet you replace them with stories of miracles, gods, angels, demons and other things which do not and never have existed, except in the minds of those who are used by others to enrich themselves with power and money. In your short lives you dream of a better life that will never end, yet you ignore the life that you live for want of a better one. Life is life. There is no better or worse. There is only life and it is what it is. Remember the teachings of the wise ones who have returned to the all so long ago:

  2. The most admired people are those who seek to serve others.
    The most useful people are those who follow the ways of oneness.
    The greatest minds are those that seek to teach others the way of the all.
    The greatest contentment comes to those who care about all others.

  3. You are on a journey among the living, only a wanderer passing through a state of being. No person is truly evil. They are led to the darkness by others who were led to the darkness before them. Knowledge of the all is the light and wisdom makes the light brighter. Embrace the light and in time the darkness will wither away and you will be consumed by the warmth of the light of the all.

  4. The sun shines its light on the evil as well as it does upon on the good. Do not be led astray by others who claim knowledge of another world. Open your own mind and learn from your own experiences, then decide which way is the right way and follow it.

  5. You have been awarded the ability to restrain yourself from the worldly sins: greed, laziness, lust, and anger; use this ability and follow the light of righteousness. Remember that all people are destined to die. The reason you exist is because you are. The reason you were born is so that you may die. The reason you live is so that you may learn. Those that never live, never learn.

  6. If those among you start to believe in untrue beliefs and myths of beings that do not exist, then it is wise to ask them for the proof of their belief. Take heed to what I am going to tell you: Do not let impure deeds and immoral thoughts of other people confuse you; let them not prompt you to do or say anything evil.Only the unknowing act thoughtlessly, without consideration of others, and without caring about the outcome of their actions.

  7. Do not neglect the health of your body. Give to the body food, drink, and exercise in measure so that it remains strong and able to endure life as well as it can. Abandon any luxury, for it can make others envious of you. Never abandon the hope of saving people from the darkness of ignorance and evil, for every living thing has the light of the all in its nature and can find the keys to all its mysteries. Once you know them, you will realize the purpose of your existence.

  8. All superstitious beliefs in false gods, goddesses and all other imaginary things should be abandoned and belief in all things and all non-things is all that can ever be. People have been endowed with the freedom of thought, word and deed, and know the difference between what is good and what is evil. What is good can best be understood by studying nature and harmonizing with all that is good and natural and rejecting all that is evil and un-natural. People are their own savior. Each person, guided by the truth and the light should work toward the betterment of fellow human beings and all other living things. Righteousness is the best good. It is contentment, and it comes to those who seek it, yet they grow fewer in number each day.

  9. How can you listen to the cry of the animals, the swaying of trees in the forest, the falling of water, the songs of birds, the rustling of the wind or the crashing thunder and streams of lightning without feeling all of them to be evidence of the unity of all that exists? Even those who cannot see know the power of the all, more so than those who have sight, for they are not swayed by what they see but by what they know to exist by other means.

  10. The truth is the light of the power for good. It is at the same time, pure and invincible. Find the truth and spread it among mankind, for truth alone is the savior from evil and darkness.

  11. Never believe in something simply because others believe in it. Do not believe in anything simply because it is told to you by others. Believe not in statements because they are found written in your religious books. Believe not in anything merely on the authority of your teachers or your leaders. Believe not in traditions simply because they have been handed down for eons by others. But after you see, hear and meditate upon a belief; and when you find that anything agrees with righteousness and is conducive to the good and benefit of the one and the all, then accept it and teach it to others.

  12. Death is a going home, home to the all. The good and wise shall suffer nothing even though the body dies. They exist on as part of the all.
    You are not humans embedded in a spiritual experience. You are a part of the all embedded in a life experience.

  13. Live your life that the fear of death can never enter your heart. Trouble no one about his religion unless it causes harm to others. Respect others in their views and hope that they respect yours. Love your life, perfect your life, and beautify all things in your life. Seek to make your life long and of service to those who need it.

  14. This is the sum of all true righteousness: deal with others as you yourself would prefer to be dealt with. Do nothing to your fellow humans which you would not have them do to yourself.

  15. People have not only a legal but a moral responsibility to obey just laws enacted by just people. But also people have a legal and moral responsibility to disobey unjust laws imposed by unjust people.

  16. The secret of good health for both mind and body is not to dwell upon the past or worry about the future but to live in the present and savor it’s every moment, for it will never come again, and because of the illusion, it never was.

  17. Meditation is the key for opening the doors of mysteries. With the concentration of meditation, human beings journey into the inner of the all. In the state of meditation people withdraw themselves from the world of illusion, and in this state they travel into the heart of the all and the world which awaits, a world of truth and light.

  18. At some time those who seek the Light of the Truth must free their mind from the tales of the past and seek the union with the all. Then shall they arrive at the ocean of oneness and enter the presence of the all of every.
    Some do not follow righteous ways and resort to violence to achieve their purpose. But those who lead others through non-violent means, knowing right and wrong are the guardians of the righteous ways of the truth.

  19. Praise good thoughts, good words, and good deeds and those that are to be thought, spoken, and done. Accept all good thoughts, good words, and good deeds. Renounce all evil thoughts, evil words, and evil deeds.

  20. Collect not wealth. It is and always will be the cause of much evil, death, and suffering. The poverty of a good man is more to be prized than the wealth of the evil man. If one has wealth, one should use it for good and not for evil.



  1. No longer can simple faith in the unreal, the untrue, and the unproven sustain the light of the world. No longer can faith in things that do not exist beyond the world of illusion brighten the light of the all. Faith without justification or proof is simply belief in the lies of those who seek the fulfillment of their own vanity, their quest for power over others, and their greed for the material things of the unreal world. They are the lies of those unwilling to earn for themselves, so they feed off of those who are weak and unknowing.

  2. Belief in the all cannot exist without good works and good deeds. If your belief elevates some above others then it is a false belief. If your belief teaches life, after life is gone, it is a false belief. If your belief teaches that your God is the only God that exists and all others are wrong, then your God is no different than any other God, the creation of the human mind. Only good works and good deeds can brighten the light of the soul of the world. If your faith causes harm to others, then it is an evil faith. If your faith causes you to ignore the suffering in the world then it is an evil faith. If your faith causes you to fear or hate others then it is an evil faith. If your faith causes you to believe that others are inferior then it is an evil faith. If your faith in the unreal is your only belief then it is an evil faith.

  3. Faith is the belief in things that do not exist. Faith is only the hope that they do exist. The all exists. You know it. You see it all around you. How can you exist without knowing that you are part of all that exists? Will faith help those who starve to death? Will faith help those who are dying from a sickness that can be cured? Will faith cure the greedy, the evil, the sinful or the liars? Will faith give back the life that it took from others who had a different faith?

  4. It is only through good thoughts, good words, and good deeds that your world can continue on through the vast wasteland of impure thoughts, greed, death, destruction, and unending hatred.
    Have no faith, but only good thoughts. Speak no words except those of kindness, tolerance, and hope. Help and support all that are in need regardless of their plight. Good thoughts and good deeds should be the purpose in your life. Only good works and good deeds can bring back the full light of the all and end the spread of the emptiness of the darkness.  The darkness is empty, the light is full.     



  1. Turn away from the evils of greed, power and the lust for the afterlife.
    Remember the ancients of the deserts, wrapped in their rags of power and glory, brought down by the reality of death, ending their myth of immortality. All of the incantations, spells and prayers of their holy men could not grant them their last wish of everlasting life. The priests laughed secretly behind their holy robes as they collected their unjust rewards from the dead. There is more to life than death. There is the gathering of everlasting souls as they join together. The endless sea of the light of all those who have ever been and all those who will be, as they unite to become the beacon of the loved and the jewel of the cosmos from which they came. Home at last. The eternal realm of all, free from the darkness of evil. Evil exists only in the mind of humanity, as it is born from and grows out of the disillusion and weakness of the mind and the spirit, and resides in the minds of those who seek power and influence over others. The Light knows no evil.

  2. Only the evil ones know the terror that resides in their own evil hearts.
    Look inside yourself, for there is more to you than you know. For all and every is El. The light of El resides in all things. The tiny unseen and unformed glow that lies deep within the spirit of all people, contains the path to the truth, and the salvation of the world. For the light of the soul can join with the light of the world, and bring order and truth back to the world that has been darkened by the weight of the evils committed by its own. The evils of all peoples. Know yourself, for it is all you have. All else is the illusion of the material world. Seek the light of the truth and the communion with all. I am all. I am El.

  3. When the weight of the untruth of the world grows heavy, and the people lose the way, the terror that will be the end of all life will start to unfold. The material world will twist and turn upon itself. Calamity after calamity will come and after each, the people will continue to cry out to their leaders or to their holy men for help, but to no avail. If more and more stray from the path of truth and righteousness, then the world will lose the bright light that soothes all things into harmony and contentment. Once the light is gone, it is gone forever, for there is no yesterday, no tomorrow, only now.

  4. Neither one hundred nor ten years at a time, but day by day the light fades. Every dead creature, every war, every lie, every murder, every act that defies the laws of the righteous thoughts of the world will add to and hasten the fall of the world as you have made it for yourselves. You have made your world of material illusions, lust and greed.

  5. As yet the flame still burns, and hope still exists. Time is swift now and change must come. If enough turn to the truth, and live according to the word, in righteousness and enlightenment, then the end may become the beginning, and the old ways become new.

  6. All must join together and brighten the faded glow of the light of truth. Love your neighbors and your enemies, for your hope is theirs. You must stand together, enemies no more. Colors and creeds, tribes and families, those who worship and those who lead, all must turn toward the inner light of the truth. Wisdom and good deeds must prevail over darkness and fear.

  7. All people of the world must unite in common purpose, to help each and every, to survive the turmoil of the changing of the times. Give to the unbelieving leaders of themselves all the material wealth they hoard, and join the others seeking the light together in the unity of the way of the truth and the salvation of your world. The time comes. 

  8. Do not set aside your differences; rather cast them into a bottomless pit, so they will rise again no more. Ignore the evil ones who cling to their possessions, their passions and their titles, for their greed will be their end. Ignore those who cling to lies and untrue beliefs, as their disappointment will be their awakening. The great voice of the soul of the world cries out in agony as the mighty world itself wastes away amid the evil and abuse it has endured for so long. The evil of the darkness, the cries of the beasts, the pain of the suffering of millions of beings, and the turning of the time, have all come into being. The change will come, or the end will come. 

  9. Look into the mirror. It is not you that you see. You see the reflection of the illusion. You see the dark shadow of the untruth that you have cloaked yourself in, the material world that exists because you believe it to be so. This is the shadow of darkness that you live in to keep away the reality of the righteousness of the absolute truth. There is no truth outside of your own soul. No man or god of man can lead you to the light of the truth. Righteousness, truth, and the light of goodness are all within you. Seek and you will find.

  10. Deep within every person lays the gateway to the truth. Search deep inside yourself. Meditate; seek out the part of yourselves that contains the everlasting light and the truth of being. Push aside the untrue world of material things. Neglect your senses, and disregard all things around you, for you cannot remain in the illusion while you search for the light of the truth. The journey within is a long one. Through dark and light, mist and clear, visions and blackness, many things appear and fade as you journey toward the truth. Inside the dimensions of your own being is the essence of your self. The self is all you possess. Find yourself and you will find all. I am all. I am El.

  11. Seek out the spirit that leads to the essence of all that you once were, before the illusion of life overtook you, and all that you are destined to become. Somewhere inside of your self is the light of the soul. The spirit, that guides each of us toward the light, waits. It lies on the very edge of existence, and cannot be comprehended, only felt but never understood. Journey as far as you dare into your self, for it is unending and unwavering. Once you discover the truth of your self, nothing will be as it was before. You will see the evil in the world, evil you could not realize before, the evil of the material world. You will see the suffering, the death, and the despair that you turned your eyes away from in the past. No longer will you be able to shut yourself up inside your houses and your churches and your cities and ignore the suffering of the world. No longer will you be able to lie to yourself, and say that it is no concern of yours. All of these things and more will come from the light of the truth.

  12. Only the realization of the eternal truth can halt the dark cloud of destruction that soon will creep across the world. Only the abandonment of the evils of the material world can bring about the renewal of the real world. Righteousness must prevail, and evil must end. There are only two ways, those of the light and those of the darkness.

  13. I have known you for all of your time, and some have known me as well. You have allowed your world to be destroyed twice before. Thousands of years ago, two times before, you turned your eyes away from the truth and waited until evil overcame and destroyed the world as it was before. The end comes. You know that it comes, for the signs are scattered across the cosmos. The change must come. The poor, the meek, the oppressed, the sick, the good of heart, and all who can must find the truth and join together as one to fend against the evil that resides in the minds of the chosen ones. Those who chose themselves over others, to gain in power and wealth. Take no more than you need and use no more than you must. Heed the seven Laws of the Truth….……


  1. Ignore no more the faces of evil that you see every day. Point them out to others so they too can know who they are. Right what is wrong, and do what is right.

  2. It is as it was so long ago. I have waited and watched before as you took no part in the path to the truth. The end comes. You see it. You know it. It comes, yet you ignore it thinking that your leaders and prayers will protect you. And yet they are powerless against their own creations, against the evil that they have brought forth from their hearts. Twice before, eons ago, you allowed it to be so and undoubtedly you will allow it to be so again. As your leaders argue and acquire, and your holy men pray and enrich themselves, the darkness comes, slowly, unabated, and feeding off the evils of the people.

  3. If the darkness overtakes the world, and the black clouds gather in great numbers, then the illumination of the path to the truth will forever be lost, even to those who still seek it. The great flames of the sun will torch the world with fire, and the poison mist of the dead will blow across the land, bringing an end to everything in its path. The rumblings of the world will never cease, and the tides will rise and fall, pouring over the mountains and under the sands. Mighty waves of the sea will wash into lands that have never known water. All things and non-things will be erased from the world, never being again and never having been. All life will end, and all things made by humans will cease to exist. The land will burn and freeze, over and over, cooled by freezing winds and burned by the fiery fingers of the sun. The ground will open and swallow everything above it. The world will again purge itself of those who seek to destroy it, just as it has in the past. Until that time I will be with you. To those who seek me, they shall find. All things will be together again. For I am all. I am El.



There are no beings called Gods.
There is only the light of the all of every, and the spirit of the oneness.
There are no laws created by humans.
No human can create laws for others, only rules to enslave them.
There are only the laws of humanity which have been forever.
There are no eternal laws of nature.
Nature has its own way, ignorant of the illusion.
Nature simply is and always will be.
The illusion surrounds all people.
Yet all will leave the illusion behind in the end.
The darkness cannot overcome the light.
But the darkness will soon rule the illusion.
There is no evil entity.
There is only the evil that spews forth from the unjust and the uncaring.
There is no human being better than any other.
For the same light is present in all people.
There are only those who claim to be better than others.
These are the ones that spew forth evil.
All things are mostly empty.
It is only because they are part of the all that they exist.
There can be no going back or remembering of the old.
There is no past to go back to and the old has gone back to the all.
The greatest achievement is to find the all while still being part of the illusion.
Once you find the all there can be no end.
For I am all. I am El.



If we as human beings ignore the fact that we are part of the All and we cannot separate ourselves from it, even with the onset of death, then we choose to ignore the unquestionable fact that we are not the masters of our own destiny. The destiny of all that lives is to die. Returning to the absolution of the All will be life’s crowning achievement.