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Talk Back 127
Religion by Cliché

by: L Wayne

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Has our religious world been reduced to feel good clichés?  Whenever a religious post is made by friends it becomes apparent we only post those things which make us feel good about ourselves and our beliefs.  Cliché’s and platitudes take all forms and all religions have them.  Clichés are designed to make you feel good about yourself and to believe that you are right with your creator when in fact they can hide the important message your creator wants you to understand.

This life is serious business and cannot be reduced to feel good sayings for mankind is descending into a world of chaos fueled by our nature.  We must wake up to what is happening around us and what the cause is of these destructive happenings.  Religion has been charged by the Creator to “cry aloud and spare not and to show my people their transgressions.”  Religion is not doing the job they were charged with instead they lump everything together under the category of “sin” and then tell you to repent of this unknowable thing.  “What this country needs is a revival” one prominent spiritual leader proclaimed. We have no revival and what would a revival tell us and what would it accomplish? There are much deeper fish to fry than a revival. A revival would only bring back what has been tried in the past and has failed.

There is a popular TV preacher who has thousands coming to his services, he is all over the TV selling books, DVD’s and other sorts of “religious” things.  He closes his TV program by quoting a small prayer of acceptance and then telling the viewers that if they said those words he believed they have been “born again.”  Is that what religion is all about, just saying a few words and then life will be fine?  Do these words make it safer for our children? Do these words make life more exciting and trouble free?  Do these words make your marriage much better?  You might say yes but for how long. People can have a change of heart or attitude but does that solve the problems and for our world to live in peace and safety?

I wrote an article recently called, The Mystery of Sin and this article explains what sin is and where it comes from.  Is sin a natural occurrence of our nature?  Is sin deeply rooted within our natural nature and what causes it?  A simple definition of sin is “actions which hurt yourself and others.”

We have seen a despicable group of terrorists who claim, falsely so, to represent their religion who just recently burned to death a caged human being and videotaped his execution so the entire world could view it. Why? Just to make a point? Following is a post I posted on my Facebook page L. Wayne – Author.

First, let me give you the definition of our human nature. This is our nature for it infects us all.  Human nature is: Free Will or personal freedoms without moral direction fueled by pride and it characteristics. The characteristics of pride are, Self-righteousness, self-importance, self-interest, a feeling of self-worth, inward focus, etc.  All of these characteristics can be applied to this ISIS group and their evil ways?

The quote.

 “Today we have witnessed the most destructive characteristic a human being can have. The burning alive of a caged human being cannot be described in words for words fail to convey the evil which caused this.  We have characteristics which if not controlled can and will lead to this plunge into insanity.  We have taken these characteristics and have made light of them for these prideful characteristics insidiously hide themselves from us. The prideful characteristic of self-righteousness can lead us, as we have witnessed today, to the very depths of evil.  Our spiritual leaders should be explaining these things to us but alas they make fun of this characteristic and consider it to be benign. Prideful characteristics caused Lucifer to be kicked out of our Creators world and he then infected mankind with these disgusting attitudes.  Are we beginning to see the destructive power prideful characteristics can cause?  Our Creator will not allow these characteristics in his world, not now and not ever.  Our Savior will remove this corruption from our hearts and minds before allowing us into his world.” End quote.

“Sin” in our Creators world and “Sin” in our world is and was caused by this self-same attitude of pride.  We cannot get away from this attitude because we were born with it and we will die with it.  We can’t escape it, we can’t pray it away, we can’t hide from it nor can we bury it.  Sin is part of us and yet it is something that our Creator doesn’t want in his world. Why has our Creator allowed us to be overridden and immersed in this prideful attitude?  Can we make any sense of him putting us in harm’s way? 

Because this Creator of ours is in the process of creating you to be a perfect being to live for all eternity in a peaceful society, what then is the purpose for him to allow this mayhem to occur?  With all our Universities, Colleges, Schools of Divinity and Seminaries this world over you would think that someone would come up with an explanation for all this corruption.  The answer is so simple we have just waltzed over it and because it is so simple we give it little regard.  We are too smart to accept a simple answer for his purpose, we proclaim.

Our Creator is creating us to be in his image or likeness.  We will have the same attitudes and our actions will reflect his loving actions for others.  The reason for us to go through this temporary life is so we will fully understand what chaos a prideful attitude can and will cause.  We now have what is commonly referred as free will or personal freedoms.  For a peaceful society these personal freedoms must be controlled by responsible actions toward others and toward our creator.

Lucifer did not know what pride was and he didn’t know why he needed to control his attitude.  He had no reference point for he lived in a perfect society.  For our creator to allow you into his world he must allow you to go through this life so you can get a feel and to understand the depths a prideful nature will take a society, i.e. ISIS. He is going to give you great power coupled with personal freedoms and he is showing you now just where a prideful nature will take a being.  We are weak, frail and temporary but in his world we will be given great power and responsibility, for our minds will then be perfect and humble toward our creator and our fellow residence of his world.

This life cannot be explained in clichés or platitudes for our learning experience is too important for just nice expressions.  This life is serious business and the life you live is yours to be enjoyed for all eternity.


www.amazon.com/author/l.wayne      L. Wayne – Author  Facebook


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