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Talk Back 129
A Great Future Awaits, But first …..

by: L Wayne

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Over the years there have been many books written and sermons given about the future tribulation which is to come upon our world. We religious people, in our swollen arrogance, say to the world “you must get right with God or you will have to go through this great calamitous time which is coming.” These religions will also tell you that you must get right with God “their way.”

Worldwide tyranny is taking place right before our eyes and apparently there is no way to stop this insidious rise. Militant groups around this world are beginning to effect the entire world from the Middle East to the sub-Sahara countries of Africa and on into Asia and the pacific nations, such as Indonesia. Where can it be stopped and who will stop this rise of evil?

On a daily basis our news stations report on the increase in these most despicable acts such as the recent beheadings of 21 Coptic Christians from Egypt. There is no reasonable reason for these acts and yet the world is just not angry enough to put a stop to this butchery. There is no one willing or able to stand up and explain to the world why these things are happening and what the root causes are for these happenings.

We have leaders in our religions worldwide who will not learn nor will they listen to anything or anyone who will explain the reasons for our demise. We are in the process of seeing our demise just as surely as a seriously ill cancer patient can see their own demise. Our world is suffering and no one to explain why and what the causes are. To excise this cancer will require some very serious surgery and no one has the stomach for the aftermath. Apparently the death of our world is preferable.

We in these “United States of America” have fallen into lethargy about our position in the world and the escalating difficulties worldwide. Our leadership both political and religious, who are bound by their oath of office to look after their people and those they are responsible for, refuse to give a second thought to the fact that there is something drastically wrong.  Drastic action must be taken and for this to be fixed there must be action very quickly. Destructive chaos is already on our doorstep while in the Middle East it has already arrived.  Religious leaders who should be explaining about these troubling times are not focused on the causes.

Our religious leaders have become like the Pharassee of old. In his anger Christ threw from the temple those who made merchandise of that place. Today we have television preachers who promise you the world if you will just send them an offering or buy their books. The scamming has no end. One religious leader told me that I was throwing rocks and yet he couldn’t answer any of the questions this world needs answers for. One thing I seldom do is to quote scripture but the following is appropriate for our religious leaders. These verses adequately describe the worldwide religious leaders of today who think they are above criticism.


Following is a few verses which I have taken the liberty of paraphrasing.

Mathew 23: Woe to the Scribes and Pharisees

12 And whoever thinks too highly of himself will be humbled, and he who humbles himself will be raised up.

13 “But shame to you, religious leaders, hypocrites! 15 “Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For you travel land, sea and air to win one convert, and when he is won, you make him twice as self-righteous as yourselves.

25 “Shame to you, religious leaders, hypocrites! For you cleanse your bodies cut your hair and shave your faces and look very good for all your viewers to see, but inside you are filled with extortion and self-indulgence.[f] 26 Blind leaders, first clean up the inside of your mind so that the outside may be clean also.

27 “Woe to you, religious leaders, hypocrites! For you are like whitewashed tombs which indeed appear beautiful outwardly, but inside are full of dead men’s bones and all uncleanness. 28 Even so you also outwardly appear righteous to men, but inside you are full of hypocrisy and lawlessness.

If you want more read the entire chapter


We the people of this world rely on these self appointed ministers of our Creator to lead us to the “pearly gates” when in fact they have no idea what our creator wants. They proclaim “follow me, and order my product and then you will be saved and healed.” These arrogant leaders will not take the time to look at what is happening and give us a reason for why our Creator is allowing these evil acts to happen. We have educational institutions all over this world whose mission is to impart learning and purpose for mankind, yet they refuse to look into these reasons. Seminaries are schools whose mission is to teach future leaders of their creator’s purpose. Shame to these arrogant institutions for they refuse to do the job they were commissioned to do. What will the Savior of the world say to these men? Will he forcefully say,” I don’t know who you are?”

Time is short for we must wake up before it is too late, but I fear that the time to wake up has passed. Because we are directionless, our main goal appears to be how much wealth we can accumulate before the end.

We have a number of very prominent religious leaders who should know about these problems and their causes, instead they proclaim the cause is “sin.” They will not tell us what sin is or where it comes from or why our creator allowed for this evil thing called “sin”.

If this great creator can create galaxies 2 billion light years away, that is 1 trillion miles multiplied by 12,000, and I am sure there are many more further away, just how great and powerful is he.  If he can do all of that creating then he must have a very good reason for creating the world and allowing for this world to go through all this trouble and deadly circumstances. He has allowed for mankind to be overcome by Satan while allowing Satan to become the god of this world. He has allowed for all difficulties we have seen from the past and the present day chaos obviously for some very good reasons. These are things our religious leaders should know but they don’t and will not make the effort to understand. Their minds are paralyzed and have become set in concrete. They refuse to see.  They can only see from their limited perspective and refuse to view the world from the perspective of “the big picture.”

Our creator doesn’t need our help to save the world for he is fully capable of saving it without our help. If he is our creator and because our lives are so temporary we must be in the process of being created. If we are in that process then what is the purpose for all the suffering and difficulties throughout the history of mankind?

The short answer is, he wants you to see, to feel, to understand, to be immersed in, and to wallow in these difficulties so that you will fully know what causes evil and the consequences of evil.

OK, so what is the cause of the evil he wants us to see?

Lucifer was kicked out of Gods world because of pride. Simple enough. Lucifer’s name was changed to Satan and he was given this earth as his domicile. Man was created and placed on this earth with Satan. So far so good. Obviously, God wanted mankind and Satan to exist together.

When Satan was allowed into the Garden of Eden we have to assume that God didn’t object and let him to go in, for he was now the god of this world and he had free range to go anywhere he wished. Another step out of the way. Satan tempted Eve and Eve succumbed to the temptation and was infected with Satan’s nature which she then took to Adam and he too was infected with Satan’s nature. Another step, but there’s more.

What caused Lucifer to be kicked out of his Creators world? We are told in the good book that pride was found in Lucifer and his attitude of pride caused war and upheaval in the Creators world. We can then make a logical assumption that Eve and then Adam were infected with “pride”. So now mankind is infected with this attitude of pride. So, for what reason you might ask? If you have any doubts about this infection just look at what pride caused. Pride caused Lucifer to rebel and it also caused him to lose his wisdom and in the process he lost his humility or loyalty to his creator.

When Lucifer succumbed to pride he lost his wisdom and humility, for how could a created being think that he could depose his creator with just one third of the angels. What would cause him to  think that he could render his creator powerless? No humility and no wisdom is the reason. No General of any army would recommend his actions for in every way it was a fool’s folly. Let’s go further.  We now know that wisdom and humility was destroyed by pride. Is it the same today?

What is pride? The word pride is a word which has meaning but the world considers it benign or meaningless. Pride has characteristics that will give us a little more insight to why Lucifer caused such chaos in his creator’s world.

Pride has characteristics and when man was infected with pride he, at the same time, was infected with the characteristics of pride. From these characteristics of pride come all of what we refer to as “sin”.

Prideful characteristics are an overabundance of our feelings of self-worth, self-righteousness, self-importance, inward focus, self-interest and the list goes on. These are the characteristics which will remove any humility you have about your creator and at the same time wisdom will depart.  If you think that your way to the “pearly gates” is the only right way….

Our religious leaders will not tell you about these prideful characteristics and why these characteristics are the pivotal point of all the world’s problems. These characteristics are the root causes of evil and all evil can be traced back to these characteristics.

All that man has done is not evil for we have accomplish some extraordinary and marvelous things. One thing I can categorically tell you is that regardless of what good we have done or accomplished our root nature is still a prideful nature. An example could be Mother Theresa, a woman who the world looks to as a person with a goal and a plan for what she was doing. She accomplished great things in the minds of many, but she was still motivated by her self-interests. Humanly speaking we cannot criticize this person for her work was fruitful and helpful to so many and many emulate her, rightfully so.

One day in the future this world will pass away, dissolve into nothing. All the good and bad will be swept away and all things will become new. We will at that time experience our second birth, or to express a religious cliché, we will be “born again” into our Fathers world. We will be wise beyond belief and will fully understand those things Lucifer did not know. We will know because we have wallowed in this sewer of physical life just long enough for us to realize that the characteristics of pride are to be avoided at all costs.

A great future awaits you and me for when our creator is finished with the creation of his sons and daughters and his brothers and sisters, we will be just like him. We will be known to others and our faces will shine like the sun in its full strength. An exciting future filled with accomplishments awaits a tired and weary world.

Just how great is that!


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