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Talk Back 134
Why are the illuminati trying to kill me

by: Jas

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Hi, The illuminati have been trying to kill me since Nov 2007 when I was psychically detected by one of their she-demons...

They believe that I AM THE ONE - prophesied in the bible, by nostradamus (to be the new world leader), by edgar cayce, and check other world scriptures too...

Watch Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystals CULL (2008)... and every single hollywood since then !!! Here is a YouTube film made by me showing the secret code in crystals CULL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zVJgyzmOPYg

I AM going to sort this world out !!! I AM going to free the world from perverted religious indoctrination... Do you know what I mean...?


Best wishes, Jas


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