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Talk Back 139
Is Christianity Obsolete?
A new message that leaves theists speechless

by: E. L.

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  1. Show your Christian friend the new message
  2. They will either love it, or become speechless and incoherent
  3. That’s it, you’re done! You saved a friend from a lifetime of fantasy and brought them into the real world, now do this for every Christian you know

You can change the world if we stand united behind a single message and work together for the same goals. We will make magic-based religions obsolete and bring the world into a new reality.

The new message and more:


PASS IT ON – forward this to someone who needs it.

E. L.


* or go directly to Epiphany for a quick summation of the author's message. I found the link E.L. gave to be confusing in its intentions. jt


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