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Your signs are not signs, imho

by: John Tyrrell

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  1. I don't believe in heaven so I cannot believe in signs from heaven.

  2. For a relatively educated discussion on prehistoric astronomy see here - http://relativity.liu.edu/steve/teaching/fall08/ch1.pdf

  3. For pseudo-scientific (ie nonsensical) articles on prehistoric astronomy, simply google "prehistoric astronomy".

  4. As for your personal experiences with sightings in the sky, they are strictly personal experiences (whether real or imaginary) unless backed up by the experiences of others and some kind of physical evidence such as undoctored photographs / videos. You are highly unlikely to get such support from an agnostic web site. If such support exists, it will be from those in your immediate vicinity who would have been in a position to see what you saw. That you have not already found such support for events 10 and 12 years ago strongly suggests no-one else had the same experience.

  5. As for me, I cannot see any reason to consider that you are getting messages from God or Jesus. I have expressed my opinions on the numerous failures of God's messenger system on the Apathetic Agnostic website, (simply enter messenger system in the search box on the website and you'll get a number of links to articles) and it is highly unlikely that any new supposed messenger from God - including you - is going to convince me to change that view.


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