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Talk Back 142
The Bride Has Been Chosen
A Revelation

by: Maritess Luzon

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I belong to a Christian family.  Some friends from the US and Puerto Rico visit us every three to five years. On April to May 2015, those friends visited all the affiliate Churches in the Philippines and I was there wherever they go. Our Church is under the ministry of Gordon Gentry, an American sent by Jesus to do His work.

At that time, I suffered from gang stalking for three and a half years.  My loved ones and friends turned their backs on me; many of them betrayed me. 

Before those visits, I became sensitive to the spiritual world. I had strange dreams. I began to hear voices; not through my ears, but directly in my mind. The voices often echo in my mind. I heard the voices of Satan, Archangel Michael, Jesus, and angels. Satan courted me but I refused. He did not leave me until I heard the voice of Archangel Michael telling me that he protected me from Satan. I heard the voices of angels; they were asking my cooperation.

On the night of May 10, 2015, I heard the voice of a man. I perceived that it is Jesus. Jesus courted me and told me that the man I am living with is not my husband, for the Heavenly Council did not approve him.  He told me that this man is leading me to death. I believed Him. I had a strange feeling in my heart: as if it is expanding and I felt a great love for Jesus. I answered “yes” to Him. From that time on, I was aware that the spirit of Jesus is living in my body.

Since I and the man I am living with being in a difficult situation, I made arrangements with Him and we parted. Anyway, at that time our son is seventeen years old already.

I heard the voices of God the Father, the Holy Spirit, Mary, demons, and others directly in my mind. Jesus told me that I am the chosen Bride and He would marry me.  I was happy about it and willing to marry Jesus. The Heavenly Council was watching us, for they were going to approve our marriage. But before the approval, the battle happened using my mind as a medium. I heard exchanges of words of Jesus and His contenders. They fought using my visions and dreams, too. The Heavenly Council approved our marriage after a year.

I was able to communicate my spirit, Mary (known as the Blessed Virgin). She was given to me on October 2011, while I was in Lebanon. I was able to communicate also with my soul, Therese (known as St. Therese of Lisieux). She has been with me since my conception.

As a Christian, I believed that Jesus would marry a Church; until I heard His voice.  From that time on, I feel His presence all the time and I constantly hear His words directly in my mind. When He speaks directly into my brain, He is not using His actual voice but different voices. Sometimes He let me hear His actual voice (directly into my mind). Jesus speaks using my mouth, too. He knows everything that is inside my brain.  Every night, I dream His messages to me.  I see visions from time to time.  Jesus can control my feelings and thoughts. He pokes me when He wants. He wakes me up in the night. I oftentimes wake up singing songs. That was Jesus singing. He likes singing love songs. I can feel His power inside my body like an electric shock (like electrocution). Jesus uses His power to take away the pain in my heart instantly, when I have a problem.  Since Jesus transforms Himself during my sleeping time and makes love with me, I can sometimes see my body with clothes off. Lately, Jesus ceased speaking loudly into my brain but He gives me the capacity to discern His words in silence. In my bed, I am talking with Jesus like I am speaking a monologue piece.  My mouth is speaking alone: it speaks for Jesus and it speaks for me.

Jesus told me that I have to wait for His appearance and I need to spread the news that He is coming. When this news is spread throughout the world, Jesus will appear.  Jesus promised that when He appears, our wedding will be held in the Catholic Church: His Church.​

Jesus confirmed that testimonies of heaven and hell are real. The Heavenly Council ordered Jesus to show heaven and hell to many people because Jesus' appearance is approaching. Most of the visions those people saw are real but the truth is still hidden to them. The same is true to the writers of the books in the Bible. The Bible is not yet complete because the race of the Bride is a hidden agenda. The whole truth is given to the chosen Bride.

Since I am a victim of gang stalking, I am living in my home alone. The Heavenly Council permitted me to be a victim because it is one of my tests. The Spirit helped me to survive from the most intense attacks of the gang stalkers. Recently, I can easily handle myself from the attacks of the gang stalkers because I am used to it.

For more, please visit my website: The Divine Knowledge


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