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Talk Back 145
Satan rules existence in the name of god

by: Mustafa Dia

Editor's note: This was sent to a dormant address and I only discovered it through a clean up of old accounts. It does not appear to have been previously published anywhere online. My initial reaction, based on the title was "another crazy", but on reading the article in full, I'm not so sure. In fact, I briefly considered putting it in Meditations rather than Talk Back

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The Supreme Being, or the Infinite Field of Energy and awareness, or the absolute natural power, or Infinity, is the one infinite indescribable and indivisible entity that has no name or attribute. This Infinite Power is nothing but the Infinite Void that engulfs and surrounds everything that exists.

Infinity is a neutral force that does not respond or react to anything in existence.

Infinity does not require, force, or oblige any of the elements of existence, whether being things, humans, animals, plants, or any unknown substance to worship, pray, prostrate, supplicate, or ask favors from it.  

Infinity needs not worshiping, nor does it answer prayers, or reacts to prostrations and supplications, and grants no free gifts or wishes to any creature in existence.

Infinity is just and does not favor any of its creatures over others; it looks with an unbiased eye upon all and every single element in existence.

Reacting to prostrations, prayers, or supplications of any creature and granting them free gifts or wishes is considered a biased act from Infinity towards those creatures. It means that Infinity favors those particular creatures over others; This contradicts with its neutral, just, and unbiased nature towards all elements of creation.

Infinity spreads its Eternal Love towards all creatures in existence impartially and with no discrimination. 

Infinity knows that when sentient creatures worship, pray, prostrate, supplicate and ask favors from it, they become evil and their hearts turn into hard stones with no feeling of love and mercy, because they would think that God will grant them with favors and the gates of the heavens would be wide-open before them, and that gives them a feeling of complete content and happiness.

That contentment would turn them into evil creatures who would do all wrong-doings in the name of God, and falsely think that their worshiping, prayers, prostrations, and supplications would save them and eventually pardon all their wrong and evil doings,

Infinity talks to no creatures and chooses none among others in order to commission them with divine messages.

Infinity does not favor any creature above others with holiness and make them into prophets and bestow unimaginable powers upon them.

This again is a partial act that contradicts with the just and unbiased nature of Infinity.

Infinity is not divine, important, commanding, formidable, or grandiose; it is simply a humble force that sees itself equal to everything in existence, for all and every single element that exists is part of that Infinite One and indescribable power, and nothing lies outside its infinite boundaries.

Allah, Elohim, Krishna, Shiva, Brahma, Akal Purakh, Nirankar, Ahur A Mazda, Bixia Yuanjin, Guanyin, Amateras, Hoderu, Huitzilopochtli, And Ah Puch are nothing but names and attributes of the infinite evil power that rules existence since eternity.

Jesus Christ, The Buddha, Zoroaster, and other humble men of knowledge did not preach a doctrine of worship, supplication and prayer for a divine entity. They advocated a message of love and forgiveness.

They knew that the doctrines which call for the worshiping, supplication, and prayer for a divine entity is nothing but mere doctrines of satan, and whoever follows these doctrines become evil, and their hearts would turn into hard stones void of love and mercy, that knows nothing but selfishness, greed, and an endless thirst for blood and killing.

Modern Christianity which calls for the worship of the holy trinity and the son of god is nothing but an evil doctrine of satan. Christians who invaded the world and enslaved humanity in the name of Jesus were the children of satan.
Modern Christians who worship the image of Jesus and the cross are nothing but the children of satan.

Modern Buddhists who make images of the Buddha and worship that image and give offerings in its name are no more than the children of satan, too.
Jews and Moslems who worship the one and only god are mere children of satan.

It is time for humanity to renounce the doctrines of worship, supplication, and prayer for a divine entity, and follow the doctrine of love and forgiveness, instead.

Evil will be eradicated from planet earth only if we follow the original doctrines of Jesus Christ, The Buddha, and other humble men of knowledge which call for love and forgiveness among all members of the human race, and renounce the doctrines of worship, supplication, and prayer for a divine entity that is nothing but satan himself who rules existence by the false name of god.

We won't be saved unless we love Infinity - the real God and Creator - with all our hearts and minds, and look upon it as a Loving Father and not a master and a tyrant who enslaves others and calls them to worship him and pray for his divine self. We are the children of Infinity and not her slaves.

We must become free creatures of love and forgiveness and break the shackles of servitude and bondage to the evil and tyrant power of satan which demands us to be mere subjects and slaves with hearts full of greed, lust, selfishness, and thirst for blood and murder.


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