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Discussion 1 to Talk Back 147
A friendly response

by: JT

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It remains unclear to me why a believer expects a series of quotations from his or her holy book to make a convincing argument to a non-believer. And yet again we have a long page of such quotations submitted with the expectation that somehow someone will be convinced.

In any event, I replied to Tom with the following:


Thank you for your message.

Should I ever decide to do a website update, I will post your comments, unedited,  in the Talk Back section.

I will point out to you that “The Bible says” has about as much significance to a non-believer as does “The Quran says” or “ The Bhagavad Gita says” or “The Kitáb-i-Aqdas says”, or what any other holy book says. No book known to humankind establishes conclusively any deity exists. Without that deity as a base, all the trifling details any religion has built upon that god crumble into nothing more than speculation and wishful thinking.

I see no reason to give any credence to such ideas as an afterlife, heaven or hell, or the thoroughly morally bankrupt concept of salvation by faith, whether alone or in conjunction with good works.

If after reading the above, you find this comes as unwanted, please simply block my communication and know that no offense has been taken on my behalf.



Unfortunately, I doubt that Tom will be discouraged by my words and he will continue to send out his empty argument to other non-believers.


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