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Church Organization

The following is a brief informational summary of Church organization. More authoritative detail on roles and responsibilities is available to ordained clergy in the Clergy Resource Site.

The Church is a loose hierarchy. "Loose" because clergy are not required to take direction from senior clergy, but are free agents to conduct their individual ministries as they see fit. But a degree of hierarchyis possible for those that choose to work together for mutual assistance and guidance.

The Church, as reflected on this web site is not an incorporated organization. In that sense, members of the congregation and ordained clergy are not members of the Church in a legal sense. Rather, they are individuals who follow a common view of religion.

As a caveat to the general public, we must state clearly that ordination does not guarantee the good character of any clergy person. This is regardless of whether the individual in question spent eight years in a seminary prior to ordination or was ordained "instantly" online by an organization such as the Universal Life Church. If you are going to deal with a member of the clergy, or perhaps more importantly permit a clergy person to have access to your children, or provide them with information about your personal affairs, then it is entirely your responsibility to know that person, regardless of the particular church or religious organization the individual is affiliated with. Because the organization of this particular Church is extremely informal, we accept no responsibility for clergy who take advantage of other individuals or who commit immoral acts. For more information on our Church's policy on clerical behavior, click here.

Clergy are initially ordained as Minister, Rabbi, Pastor, Priest, Priestess or an equivalent designation. They may then conduct personal ministries, officiate over ceremonies (including legal marriages if so authorized by local laws), and accept others into the church congregation.

Clergy with basic ordination who wish to advance will have to meet the requirements outline on our resource site for clergy.

At the head of the Church is the Patriarch of the Church. Currently this position is held by the founder, John Tyrrell, and he is responsible for providing general guidance through this and the associated web sites.