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Discussion 1 to Meditation 503
Now it's The Amazing Kreskin who wants my money

by JT

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I don't know what I did to deserve it, by now Kreskin is offering his services to me... for a small fee, of course.

Someone must have put me on the psychic sucker mailing list.

Kreskin tells me he knows he can use numerology to help me. As proof of his ability to use numerology, he uses examples from his mentalist stage act - yet he provides no reason the two "abilities" might be related.

Kreskin writes:

I am known for having a special extra sense. (Not just by the public at large, but by world respected ESP scientists. Keep reading)

Right! World respected ESP scientists? And who are they? Are there any ESP scientists respected by anybody other than the gullible?

He also writes:

Look. Kreskin-Power is a power that is virtually indescribable. You can't touch it, taste it, feel it, or see it. But after 88 appearances on the Tonight Show and over 6,000 worldwide performances ... the proof is in the pudding. I am the real deal.

And this is supposed to be convincing? How? What does it mean? That because he can do tricks in a performance, I should pay for access to some kind of indescribable unidentifiable power?

What a crock!

As I wrote in Meditation 503; I believe that there are two types of psychics.

  1. There are those who are deluded and genuinely believe they are psychics. Their occasional successes feed their delusion and they unconsciously ignore their failures.
  2. There are those who knowingly run a scam.

And is there any doubt that Kreskin knows his stage tricks are just that - tricks?

I do not see Kreskin's request that I pay for his self-proclaimed numerological talents as anything other than a scam aimed at suckers. And the fact he sent his mailing to me is suggestive evidence of his inability to use his "special extra sense" to identify those who won't be conned.