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Ask the Patriarch 244
Christian College Link Request

from: Whitney Reid

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Hi Webmaster,

I designed an online Christian resource guide for students called [name deleted by JT*].

I know from personal experience that searching for the right Christian college can be a time-consuming task. That is why I designed [name deleted by JT] to help prospective students find information about a variety of degree programs being offered at Christian colleges across the country just by visiting one site.

Would you help me with this outreach project by adding my site to your resources page? I appreciate your time and any effort to add my link to your page.

God Bless,
Whitney Reid

The Patriarch replies:


That's all I need to say, but if you want a longer answer....

It is beyond me how people can visit this web site, work their way through to find our upload email address to email us (instead of using one of the contact forms) and be totally unaware of what this website is all about. Both you Whitney, and our previous psychic correspondent somehow managed to do this. Or perhaps our address has found its way onto one of those lists of verified addresses that scammers sell to suckers, and thats where you found it. In case that's the situation, I have changed the address with this update.

While I have not written much about Christian colleges, I think my position on them is pretty clear in Meditation 335: American Madrassahs. I have no intention of helping anyone to find a Christian college. They are the antithesis of a proper education in that they put a certain field of study outside of further development, outside of improvement, outside of challenge, outside of correction. And that field of study reigns supreme - if it intersects with any other field of study, then the protected area overrules the other regardless of observed facts. Thus Christian colleges do not provide an education, they provide indoctrination. They foster willful ignorance.

I don't know why you bothered with your directory anyway. Simply google "Christian college directory" and there are pages of web sites all doing what you plan to do. All peddling nonsense.


* If you are interested in why I handled this and last week's request differently, it is because

  • in the case of the psychic service, I wanted my criticism linked to the site name so it might appear in a search
  • in this case, I did not want to advertise the service, nor did I want a link to raise the site in google's listings.